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Miniature size products and sample size products always lure me in. The travel size products stand in Boots acts as a pick and mix. Not only are they convenient, but perfect for sampling a brand before buying a full size.

Ren Face Masks
I love face mask miniatures, as they can be quite costly. Most face masks make extravagant clams and it can be quite disappointing when you invest in a big bottle and it doesn't deliver. However both of these Ren masks are well worth the money and actually work. Results can be seen after using especially with the glycolactic mask, these they are well worth the price.

Moroccan Oil 
Moroccan Oil can be expensive especially for the full size bottle. I bought the smaller size about a year ago, its perfect for carrying around in my handbag or taking away with me. It has lasted a long time as only a small amount of product is needed to create smooth frizz free tresses. It doesn't weigh my hair down and the scent is quite pleasant.

Aesop Eye Make Up Remover
This is the perfect size bottle for an eye make up remover, ideal for taking away on holiday. This particular one by Aesop is oil based which means only a small amount on a cotton pad is needed, and requires no tugging at the eyes. It's gentle and effective at taking off mascara and even the most stubborn liner.

Nail Polish
I have a love and hate relationship with mini nail polishes. They are usually cheaper which I like, and who really finishes an entire bottle of polish? They usually go gloopy by then. I find that for most brands the brushes are not as good on the smaller bottles. This makes application messy and streaky. The Orly ones in particular are worth checking out, they have a wide range of mini polishes and the brushes are very good. Perfect for trying out 'on trend' colours, or more risky colours you wouldn't normally go for.

Are you a fan of mini products?


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