New York Photo Diary

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I'm sitting here by my window looking out at the bleak, wet, weather outside. It's no surprise that I left my heart in New York City and every now and again I like to look at the pictures I took to reminisce. It's mainly torture to my soul (I want to go back so bad) but that never stops me. I thought I'd share some pictures to brighten up this gloomy day.

Magnolia Bakery
Heaven on earth
"Come on, you're going to Bloomingdales with Julie. That's like cheating on Rachel in her house of worship."

Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm

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Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm
Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm- £14.50
Luxurious cleansing balms don't have to break the bank. The Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm, performs just as, if not better than cleansers twice the price.

Not only does it melt into an oil when you apply it to skin, its also not as thick as other cleansing balms which makes it easier to spread around the face. This cleanser emulsifies into a milk when in contact with water, and leaves no greasy residue. I use a warm flannel or muslin cloth and it lifts away very easily. The ingredients are impressive too. The sweet almond oil helps restore moisture into the skin so there's no tight feeling on the face after using this. 

I really can't fault this product it's perfect for all ages and is gentle enough for all skin types. The scent is non offensive and I love the packaging. I much prefer a tube as its easier to travel with than a heavy tub, Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm I'm looking at you. I'm so impressed with this cleanser that I can't wait to try more from their line. 

Are you a fan of cleansing balms during winter?

Get The Gloss- Klorane Shampoo

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I've mentioned my love for Klorane shampoos before on this blog. They have a wide range of shampoos and they'll most definitely be one to suit your hair type. These two I find to be perfect during winter.

Klorane Shampoo

Klorane Mango Butter Shampoo
This rich formula is well suited to dry hair. Mango is traditionally used for its nourishing properties which makes this shampoo perfect for tresses which are parched. The shampoo is gentle yet manages to restore glossiness back into hair. As you can imagine the scent is divine and really awakens the senses. My hair can get quite oily so I only use this shampoo a few times a week. However I have noticed that even though this is aimed at dry hair, it doesn't make mine any oilier any quicker. If your tresses have a tendency to become tangled this is a perfect shampoo for you. An all round effective product that would be perfect for all members of the family.

Klorane Citrus Pulp Shampoo
When the weather gets colder my hair can get drier. Probably down to central heating, the hairdryer and a whole host of other reasons. I notice the it can lack the usual shine and vitality. This is why I love this shampoo. It cleanses gently so it's kind to the scalp but contains a slightly acidic pH, in return adding shine back into hair. Citrus pulp is revitalising and you will notice the glossy shine restored in your hair. If you haven't tried Klorane yet I highly recommend it, the formulas are so gentle yet effective.

Klorane will continue to be a staple in my bathroom cabinet.
Have you tried Klorane products?

The Devils In The Retail?

Busy shopping centres, long queues, cold weather but sweltering heating on in stores. Whats not to love about Christmas shopping? I've spent many years working pre and post Christmas in retail. I can tell that there definitely comes a shift in both shoppers and workers attitudes as soon as the sound of Michael Buble flows through the speakers. Working in retail has taken the shine off Christmas, I shudder at the thought of Boxing Day. 


Shoppers, we all hate long queues and busy shops, and sales associates we all know that you would rather like to be home watching Elf. A large proportion of people working in retail consists of students or graduates who are starting to question the existence of a graduate job, much like a child questions Santa's existence. *Raises hand* the latter is me.

Give The Gift Of Good Skin - Ole Henrikson Duo

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Ole Henrikson
Ole Henrikson Merry and Bright Duo Holiday Kit
I'm one of those people who can't get excited for Christmas until I open that first door on the advent calender. Walking through Selfridges and half admiring the Christmas decoration, whilst the other half of me is just daunted by the amount of stuff everywhere, I notice this beauty; The Ole Henrikson Merry and Bright Duo Holiday Kit. This little duo contains the infamous Truth Serum and the Pure Youth serum, two perfect serums to add to your morning and nighttime routine. What really impressed me about this kit is the price. For £18 you get two of the most popular Ole Henrikson products in a kit which is worth £47!

The serums are very impressive, the Truth Serum is brightening and nourishing while the Pure Youth Serum contains Vitamin C and Rosehip oil to even out complexions and tackle any scarring. Designed to be used under a moisteriser, they absorb quickly and do an effective job of keeping skin hydrated all day. If you're thinking of gift ideas for a loved one, I highly recommend this kit. Perfect for someone who loves skincare or someone who is just starting to build a skincare routine. I myself will be buying a second kit as it's such good value for money and I suspect it will sell out quite quickly.

Will you be giving the gift of good skin?

How Life After Graduation Changed Me

I just love those post its.
Millennials come hither. We all know that life after graduation can for most of us, just plain suck. For some its everything they've always wanted and life slots into place perfectly. However, for people like myself quite the opposite happens. The first few months after graduating I felt like the world was my oyster and I could do anything I wanted. I was free from the shackles of education. The first thing I did was jet off to NYC! I came back more inspired and motivated than ever, I blame Jay Z and Empire State of Mind for that one. This didn't last long as rejection letter after rejection letter took its toll. Here's how life after graduation changed me.

The Best Under Eye Concealer?

Diorskin star concealer
It always starts with a Feel Unique discount code. This time I chose the Diorskin Star Concealer after reading so many positive reviews about the new Star line. I'm a big fan of Dior products and their BB cream is one of my holy grail items. After using this for a few weeks I can see what all the hype is about. This concealer blends like a dream, and a little really does go a long way. Just a couple dabs of around the eye and blended out with fingers is all you need to do. Quick, easy and pretty much foolproof.  Dior claim it has "an illuminated stretch effect for eyes sculpted by light." This product does a great job at adding light and really brightening any dark shadows. It looks natural and helps you look like you've had a full 8 hours sleep. Another claim by Dior is that with prolonged use signs of fatigue fade away. That's a bold claim that I feel needs more testing, I'll definitely report back. If you're looking for a concealer which really does cover dark circles and add light, instead of just highlighting shadows this is the one you need.

Are you a Dior Addict?

Budget Buy- Lush Ultrabland

Lush Ultrabland
It's quite hard to believe that there can be a cleansing balm which effectively removes every scrap of make up, is suitable for most skin types even the most sensitive, easy to use and is affordable. Lush Ultrabland is all of these and more. It contains a high concentrate of beeswax which helps melt off all the waxes and oils which can be found in makeup. Ultrabland is the best selling cleanser from Lush and I can see why. It's perfect for a first cleanse to effectively remove every last trace of makeup. My skin doesn't feel tight in the slightest after I use this. I've even got my brother converted to this product and he has dry skin. The formula has not aggravated my combination skin at all and is a joy to use.
I melt the thick balm with my fingers, when in contact with skin it transforms into an oil. A thorough cleanse is needed with a warm flannel to completely wash off the remains of the cleanser and to avoid any residue. In my opinion this can be a good thing as it encourages an effective cleanse. Skin is left soft, hydrated and soothed. The best part is the price! For £7.25 it performs better than most cleansers twice the price. A little goes a very long way too so don't be deceived by the size of the pot. If your looking for your first cleansing balm or just a quality budget buy, this is the one for you. 

Have you tried Ultrabland?

How I Cover Dark Circles

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Cover Dark Circles

Dark circles, probably the most common issue most people face. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, so naturally we want it to be bright. I've tried many different techniques and products to help cover my dark circles. I've found the most effective way is to firstly keep the area around the eye hydrated. Whether that is with an eye cream or taking your serum up to your eyes. Secondly, I've found that using a corrector which is peach or pink based makes a noticeable difference. A corrector helps to neutralise any darkness and knock out that purple or blue tone that can be seen under the eyes. Benefit and Bobbi Brown do fantastic correctors, Max Factor have launched their Colour Correct Sticks which are a great budget buy.
Next you can begin to conceal with a concealer that matches your skin tone, or one which is one shade lighter to really help brighten it up. I prefer to use my fingers rather than a brush as the heat from your fingers can help warm up the product allowing it to apply smoother. I sometimes use the Clinique Airbrush Concealer to help reflect the light or something more creamy such as the Dior Star concealer. A setting powder should be the last step to help the products stay put all day and prevent creasing.

What products do you recommend to cover dark circles?
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