If You Buy One Thing This Month

Garnier Ultimate Blends Dry Shampoo
Another week has passed which means another dry shampoo release which promises the world. However, if you buy one thing this month make it this product. The Garnier Ultimate Blends dry shampoo is a must have this summer. I like using a dry shampoo for when my hair is starting to look a little flat, and for those days when you're in-between washes. I have dark brown hair, and hate it when a dry shampoo leaves a white residue in my hair. This product does not do that it is a clear spray, and if too much is used in one area then a slight grey tinge can be spotted. However, it comes out easily with a little shake of the hair. I prefer this dry shampoo to others I have tried as it is light and it doesn't weigh down the hair. Others I have tried such as Batiste leave my hair matte and without shine, I also find that with Batiste just the thought of running my fingers through my hair after using it makes me cringe. The Garnier Ultimate Blends spray still leaves hair looking shiny and fresh as well as soft. I can run my fingers through my hair without it feeling full of product.

If your off to a festival this summer or even if your just looking for a new dry shampoo, I'd definitely recommend trying this one.

What's your favourite dry shampoo?

Holiday Prep - Soap and Glory Butter Yourself

Like many others, I am preparing for my summer holiday. A trip to Barcelona is nigh and with an upcoming holiday comes all the holiday prep. I'm not talking washing and ironing clothes I'm talking getting ready to show more skin. After all the rain we've had I'm in desperate need of some vitamin D.

Soap and Glory Butter Yourself

The Soap and Glory Butter Yourself has lately become a cult classic in its own right. A thick body butter which can transform the skin after application, instantly nourishing and smoothing. I have been using this religiously on my quest to become summer ready. Most of the time I can be too lazy to moisturise and the fact that this came in a tub made me see it as a chore. However after using it consistently for the few weeks I have noticed a difference in my skin. It feels smoother and a lot softer, the scent of this body butter is delightful, the classic soap and glory scent. Very similar to . Soap and glory claim this body butter contains AHAs to help exfoliate the skin. Which may be why my skin feels softer however that could also be a result of my recent body scrub. Either way, if your on a mission to get rid of any dry elbows or knees this is the stuff you need.

Are you also lazy with moisturising?

What's On Your Nails Right Now?

Revlon Vintage Rose is a polish that I have been enjoying wearing this week. The colour is perfect for summer and compliments many skintones. Whilst wearing this polish it attracts many compliments and people inquiring about what the shade is called. For someone who doesn't wear a lot of pink, this is a perfect medium between a wearable pink without being too girly.

Revlon Vintage Rose
The Revlon Colorstay stay formula is very impressive, almost gel like in finish and extremely shiny. The brush is wide and applies smoothy with one swipe. I like to apply 2 coats of this, but when in a rush I have applied one coat very quickly and it was not streaky at all. Even without a top coat the polish lasts a good few days with minimal chipping.

*At the time of publishing there is currently a 2 for £10 offer on Revlon at Boots.

Turning 24 in 2014

When I was younger I had the majority of my life ahead planned out. I thought by 24 I'd have a good job, maybe my own place and I'd be a proper 'grown up'. Fast forward to now, a few weeks before my 24th birthday and life couldn't be more different. So here I am, 24th birthday looming, I live at home and my career is nowhere where I wanted it to be. The Friends theme song is very relevant to my life, "your lifes a joke, your broke, your love lifes DOA" sound familiar?

There's always a possibility. 

I feel like I did everything I was supposed to do, I had good grades throughout my education, went to university and got a good grade which I was proud of, and for a degree that I enjoyed. After university I suddenly faced so much rejection from jobs and felt a little lost. I carried on with the job I had during university and got an internship with a company in the field I wanted to work in which links with my degree. After a couple years the job rejection is taking its toll and working for free in an internship is drowning the soul. There is a part of me that thinks society places such a strong impact on 'go to university if you want a good job' this may have been true many years ago but not now. When my mother was my age she was married and had a house, whereas I'm part of the 24% of 20-24 year olds living at home. Don't get me wrong I quite enjoy living at home, but a do fear that owning a house one day will only be a dream and not reality.

I think societies views on what makes a proper 'adult' e.g a house, marriage, kids, is definitely why I don't feel like one. However with events and life experiences which happened during my teens I do feel like I have grown up quickly. Like many others I am constantly torn between the pressures of society and people around me. Questions such as when do I plan to get married not only evoke an eye roll, but also make me think when will society change its archaic views. No, I'm not married and no, I don't have my dream job, but does that make me less of a 'grown up' than my mother was at my age? Circumstances change, hello recession but why don't our societies archaic views. Maybe our views have to change and not change ourselves. Maybe it's no longer a question of when will you get married, but would you want to?

Not only are people in our generation compared to those in past generations, those comparisons we can deal with. However, comparing ourselves to people we know similar in age or circumstance are when issues can arise. I admit to getting down when I think of my life compared to someone I know, and with social media almost being used as a bragging tool its hard not to. I think its important to remember that the path others have taken in life are not necessarily the same for you. Deep down you might not want the same as them and if you did have what they had what makes you think you would be happy? Remember people only share what they want to on social media. It's OK to feel a lost and confused about the future, my twenties so far have been the biggest transitional period in my life so far. I think the most important thing is to do what makes you happy. Don't try and conform or meet societies age goals. I personally don't think their relevant any more.

Age will always only be a number, I think its much more important to look at life experiences and maturity. I may not be conforming to societies age goals, or have a house and husband but its much more liberating to throw those age goals out the window.

After years of having my life planned out for me through education, after leaving it, I can say I'm still not entirely dealing with it that well. If I'm honest I don't know exactly what I want to do or have a five year plan, in fact a 5 month plan is daunting enough. Any plans I did have have been thwarted, that's life I guess. If you find yourself in a similar situation, try not to panic. Take a deep breath. Relax, the walls won't collapse around you. Do what you want to do, don't worry about society or any age goals. If you can't find what you want to do at some point you'll realise what it is.

I'd love to know some your thoughts.

The Repurchase - Ren Clarifying Clay Cleanser

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After weeks of breakouts I was getting quite annoyed with my skin. It didn't look or feel the same, blemishes were more painful and 'good skin days' were a distant memory. So I went looking for an old favourite. I remembered using the Ren Clarifying Clay Cleanser before and really enjoying it. I was too impatient to order online, so on my lunch break I popped to Marks and Spencer to pick up another bottle.
Ren Clarifying Clay Cleanser 
To my surprise there was a promotion and the amount of product had been increased, it was now 200ml for the same price. After a brief but lovely chat about cleansers with the sales assistant I was happy to have this back in my life. One pump is enough for the whole face and neck. I apply it on dry skin and spend a few minutes really working it into the skin and massaging it. Then I wash it away with a warm damp flannel/wash cloth. There is a connotation with the name that the product could be quite stripping and drying, however this is not the case. My skin does indeed feel clean and still soft after use. The blemishes have calmed and been reduced, so far I have had no new breakouts. Whilst using this I have noticed a reduction in how oily my skin gets throughout the day. Redness has been significantly reduced. This product does have a slight scent but nothing too overwhelming, and the pump makes it easy and clean to use.

I am glad to have repurchased this and quite look forward to cleansing my face at the end of the day. 'Good skin days' are nigh.

What has been your skincare repurchase?

What To Do When You Don't Get The Job

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As graduation season approaches they'll be a lot of fresh new graduates applying for jobs. It can be a scary place, you're suddenly in the real world. Come on in, it sucks. (I'll link my Life After University post here.) There's suddenly no soft cushion which surrounded being at university. You could spend weeks, months even years searching for THAT job.

A day may come when you've been job hunting for a few hours, you see a post which is exactly what you've been looking for, happy days right? You apply and await for a response. Lets say you've passed the first hurdle and secured an interview. You do your research, and come out feeling like you've impressed them. Only to discover a couple days later they call you and say they've gone with someone else. Wait! Huh? What now?!

Be proud of what you've achieved
Coming from someone who has had way to many 'on this occasion you haven't been successful' letters than they'd like to recall. If you got to the interview stage that is something to be proud of! I know that doesn't really mean much when you've just been told you've been unsuccessful. When the pain slowly drifts, you'll recall the interview with hindsight and think of things you could have done differently. You've experienced being in an interview and can use this to build on.

The right fit
Someone once told me, if I don't get the job don't take it personal, it probably wasn't the right fit. Hard not to take it personal, right? It may be that their right. This job wasn't the right fit, down the road a better one might be.

Your time will come
This is honestly what keeps me going. When discussing jobs with friends and family I've been known to bite back and reply 'how do you know?'. Secretly I hope they are right. I do feel that the job market is mainly down to luck and who you know. Someone else might have got this job but your time will come!

Laughing is better than crying over it. No one likes mascara tears anyway. Find a way to laugh. Go out and meet friends, laugh like you have no worries. It'll make you feel so much better.

Overall, you will be upset, its natural. You'll feel like you'll never get another opportunity, but you will! Try not to forget that. For when you're feeling really down, well that's when I go to my good friends Ben and Jerrys.

How do you deal with not getting that job?

Chelsea Boots

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I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of chelsea boots for a long time now.  Some that I have found have either been too big around the ankles, or just bad quality. Recently I have acquired this pair which I have fallen in love with. The colour is perfect and they are extremely comfortable, not to mention easy to style.
Timberland Savin Hill Chelsea Boot

Chelsea boots are very versatile. They look good with dresses, jeans and also leggings. A good alternative to the chunky biker boot we've seen a lot of the last few years. I'm a big fan of chelsea boots on men too (hello Saint Laurent Classic Wyatt Suede boots).

Are you a fan of chelsea boots?

No7 Pick up a Crayon (and a sneaky dupe)

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Its that time of year again when Boots are giving out their money off vouchers. £5 off No7 skincare and £3 off cosmetics. I'm still annoyed that they've reduced the cosmetic discount from £5 to £3 but hey, what can we do. I've recently found one product which I think is definitely worth a swatch or two.

The Shade and Define Sticks are at first swatch very reminiscent of the By Terry Ombre Blackstar but at a fraction of the price. The shade I chose was 'cool mink' a beautiful taupe. These can be used as a liner or all over the lid for a wash of colour. They also have a hidden sharpener at the end, which is very handy. They are creamy and apply easily. The lasting power is really impressive, after application they don't budge. If you've been tempted by the By Terry Ombre Blackstar crayons but wince at the price, I'd definitely recommend trying these.

Right now, not only are the money off vouchers floating around but there's also a buy one get one half price deal on all No7 cosmetics. The vouchers can be used in conjunction with this deal. Well, it would just be rude to not pick a second item. I went for the new High Shine Lip Crayons. Like many of you out there I was tired of seeing another brand bring out their version of a lip crayon. Yet, they are so easy to use I get sucked in and the colour selection really impressed me. I chose this because when swatching it was not sticky and did have a good shine on it. All the colours are lovely, I wanted Tropical beach, a bright coral but it was sold out. So instead opted for Delicate Pink. I prefer to put this on and then blend it in with my fingers to mute down the colour a little. The colour can be built up to be quite bright. Great for summer as it doesn't dry out lips and the colour lasts for a while.

Have you got a No7 voucher floating around? What will you choose?
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