A Little Luxury - Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask

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So who doesn't love a little luxury every now and then. The Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask is one product which defines luxury. It comes with a hefty price tag *coughs £57 coughs* however from this little sample pot its justifiable and here is why. Firstly its suitable for all skin types and works particularly well with my oily combination skin. Omorovicza claim it pulls natural extracts and minerals from Hungarian thermal waters which helps clear and even skin. It certainly does clear skin as it pulls all the impurities hidden under your skin to the surface, maybe not one to use the day before a big event as you can experience a few pesky pimples. However it's nothing too major as they clear up in a couple days and you are left with a more even clear skin tone. It also helps to mattify my oily t-zone.

The application of this mask is easy and simple not too messy, best with fingers rather than a brush. More impressive is the ease of washing the mask off, I use a muslin cloth or flannel and it is easily washed away without tugging on my skin leaving it red and sore like some other masks have done. Everything about this product screams luxury, from the packaging which feels heavy and sturdy, to the ingredients which makes it so unique. I'm definitely saving my pennies for the full size pot and a few other Omorovicza goodies.

Skincare Staple: Origins Drink Up Intensive Over Night Mask

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This little baby was part of a skincare set I acquired from Origins. I have to admit the thought of an intensive over night mask did freak me out a tad. Thoughts of old ladies from the movies with heavy white night cream/masks came to mind. One night I decided to give it a go, firstly its the best smelling product I own, I recommend if you find yourself near an origins counter to just go smell it. The scent reminds me of holidays and summer. Heavily fragranced products can make me weary but this did not break me out and was a treat for the nose. The packaging feels nice, practice and is easy to use, the squeeze tube minimises waste and would be easy to decant a small amount if used for travelling.

The product applies clear to the skin and feels just like a moisturiser, a thin layer goes a long way. It takes a little while for it to absorb but when it does it feels light and not heavy or uncomfortable on the skin. When I woke up in the morning (feeling like P. Diddy) I could still feel a little of  the mask on my skin but on the most part was gone, so I knew it had been working hard and it had taken all night for my skin to 'drink it up'.  My skin looked plump, fresh and felt smooth like nothing I had every tried before. This would be amazing to use on long haul flights as it is extremely hydrating and applies clear, so you wont be getting any strange looks. The mask is also hassle free so even on those lazy nights it can be used, just apply before bed and cleanse as normal in the morning. It got me wondering where this mask had been all my life! (hidden in a drawer as I was too sceptical to try it). I would definitely recommend this for all skin types, It worked well with my combination skin and I think it would work extremely well on dry skin, or even used specifically on dry patches. The full size retails for £22 for 100ml which I think is a great price as it actually provides results you can not only see but feel aswel. I look forward to trying more overnight masks and keeping you posted.
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