The Quarter Life Breakthrough


Photo By Julia Caesar

To help us 1990's babies turning 25 this year.

1) Sometimes when your feeling rubbish books are best. You don't want to analyze your life, you don't want to talk, you don't want to apply for one more job. That's when you can lose yourself in a book that just gets you. 

2) Exercise your brain to think positively. 

3) Discover yourself, spend quality time with yourself and learn that being alone is liberating. 

4) Keep learning. Learning doesn't stop as soon as you throw that cap in the air. After graduating I started a blog and have been learning ever since.

5) Possibly the most important... Don't be so hard on yourself! Challenges can hit a raw nerve within us. Sometimes we need to take it step by step and nurture ourselves in the process. Be gentle on yourself.

This article by Buzzfeed hits the nail on the head!
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