Turning 25 - Photodiary

This week I turned 25! A whole quarter of a century! As I put the quarter life crisis on hold I thought I'd share a photo diary from the celebrations.

The sun decided to show up for my birthday and the UK was hit with a glorious heat wave, perfect for a photo opportunity.

The two days were really a tale of 2 cities, the day of my birthday was spent lounging in the gardens of stately homes. The next was a busy hot, sweltering, and did I mention hot, day in London. Nothing beats London in the sunshine.

What quarter life crisis?

Cereal Killer Cafe
Cereal Killer Cafe
Cereal Killer Cafe

Fun and games in Shoreditch
Friendly neighborhood hipster
Millennials, there isn't anything to worry about, turning 25 isn't that bad. The only valuable piece if advice I have for you is... to make the most of your Young Persons Railcard!


  1. Gorgeous photos! Hope you had a fabulous birthday :)

    Victoria xx


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