This Old Plane is Now A Bar & Restaurant

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DC-6 Diner

Serious Supermarket Skincare- Aroma Actives

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I don't know about you but I've been tempted to try Aromatherapy Associates skincare for a while now. Everything about it just screams luxury. However for some reason or another I haven't been able to part with my pretty pennies and take the plunge. When I heard that they had a sister company which was not only cheaper but also alot more accessible, you can imagine I was all over that. Aroma Actives is created by the founder of Aromatherapy Associates. Geraldine Howard has utilised her knowledge and experience in natural active ingredients and essential oils into this affordable line. This 16 strong skincare line is free from all the nasty's such as parabens, sulphates and mineral oil.
The one that'll make you re-think supermarket skincare
One product I have been enjoying from this line is the Cleansing and Brightening Balm. It can be used in the morning and in the evening. Make up is easily broken down and is perfect for the first cleanse. It doesn't leave my skin feeling tight afterwards which is one thing I look for in new skincare, I don't want anything too drying. When I think of a cleansing balm I immediately think of the texture of the Clinique Take The Day Off balm, however this is more like a thick cream. Think Liz Earle. It works easily into the skin and washes off leaving no residue or film behind. This cleanser is not greasy in the slightest and it hasn't aggravated my combination skin. I love that I can pick this up whilst doing a weekly shop and what impresses me the most is the instructions on the back of the packaging. This products actually gives good advice on how to use it rather than the usual 'apply to wet face and wash off'. This cleanser advises it be washed off with a muslin cloth and flannel (tick) and then proceeds to outline a skincare routine, such as follow with skin tonic, serum, oil and moisteriser (tick, tick). Well done Aroma Actives, I wish more brands did this. Even though the price point is considerably lower than Aromatherapy Associates, this cleanser still feels quite luxe and is a treat to use. I can't wait to try more from this line. Finally quality skincare available from the supermarket.

Will you be picking this up from your local Sainsburys?

The Body Shop Drop of Youth Eye Concentrate

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Drop of Youth Eye Concentrate 
The Drop of Youth Eye Concentrate* definitely wins the award for most inciting name. This new launch by The Body Shop is a 'firming concentrate for a smoother looking eye contour'. Enriched with Edelweiss plant stem cells it instantly refreshes and reduce the look of lines, fatigue and bags.
Now at the age of 24, I think I have a few years left before I start with the anti aging products. However, I love using this in the mornings as it feels instantly cooling and helps tremendously with puffy eyes. I keep this in the fridge and really helps with the 'morning after the night before' skincare. The metal applicator is my favourite part of this product, you gently push on the pump and it distributes the exact amount of product you need. It's innovative and I have not seen anything else like it by any other brand, at this price point. The gel like consistency is light and not too heavy, therefore absorbs easily. I love that this is not in a pot as it helps keep everything hygienic.
Now, if you're anything like me and suffer from sinus pain around the eye area, this really helps. To apply this product you roll the roller ball in a figure of eight motion circular motion around the eye contours. The massaging motion and cooling metal ball together with the gel help with any pain I am feeling. When I get any sort of sinus pain the area affected feels hot and sore, therefore using this makes me feel awake again.

I have some exciting news! I will be working closely with The Body Shop in one of their Midlands stores. I will continue to review products honestly and wholeheartedly. I was honored to be invited to meet some of the lovely staff in Bullring store to discuss new products and events. There are some really exciting launches happening very soon! Lets just say the party season is approaching and looking very inciting. The Body Shop have listened and acted on what their loyal customers have told them. Therefore now things are changing. They are now offering one to one service whether its skincare or makeup. I'm normally one who hates going to make up counters in fear of scary staff, however I can honestly say the staff in The Body Shop are the nicest and friendliest I have ever met. It's much like meeting friends, they are not pushy or judging in the slightest. If you're interested in popping by, every Friday from 12-3 they will be holding events where you can come and see whats new. And tomorrow 25th September 2014 they are holding a consultation event from 6-8pm, tickets can be bought at the store. You will get expert one to one consultations, the staff really listen and are very interactive, there are testers everywhere and always encourage you to play with the product which I love.

I would like to say a big thank you to the staff of the Body Shop Bullring store for having me. Thanks to Nikki and Emma for helping me with new launches and for being so lovely.If you do pop into the store, encourage them to start a blog! They are fantastic and I for one would love to read it.

*Drop of Youth Eye Concentrate was gifted to me for review purposes.

Today I'm Wearing


Today I have a meeting and I thought I would share what I'm wearing. I have chosen a Breton top, because I don't think I've ever met a stripe top I've I didn't like. This top is slightly longer than the average so I've paired it with these beautiful biker leggings from Zara. The fabric is much thicker than normal jersey leggings. They really help hold you in and have a very flattering detail on the knees and two zips at the waist. The bag I have chosen is by Ralph Lauren, I simply adore the chain strap and the colour of the leather, it breaks up a mostly black outfit.  Lastly I'm pulling the whole thing together with my trusty Topshop leather jacket.

How I Deal With Bloggers Block

When starting a blog, you are often told to post regularly. It's easily done when you're just starting out and have lots of new ideas. However eventually bloggers block can strike. You suddenly feel like you have no original ideas, and have nothing to say. This is how I deal with bloggers block.

1) I speak to friends and gain inspiration. If I'm speaking to a friend and they bring up a discussion which gets us all talking, I use that as inspiration for a post. Or similarly if they are struggling with something such as finding the perfect pair of jeans, and I have good advice. I'll use that as an idea for a post. I feel like talking and discussing things can spark inspiration.

2) I read more. Whether its other blogs, newspapers or magazines. Even if its something I wouldn't normally read. Even if you read something you don't agree with, that could be an idea for a post. You never know where an idea can come from, but just don't copy content. That's never cool.

3)  I make a lot of lists. There are endless amounts of paper in my handbag and even on my nightstand. I find I get most of my ideas when I should be sleeping so I keep a notepad and pen near just in case.

4) Switch the computer off and  go outside. Go for a walk or meet a friend, it will help blow away the cobwebs and you'll feel so much better. I do this a lot and it really helps.

5) If I'm really struggling then I tend to not post something unless I am completely happy with it. Sometimes it really IS quality over quantity.

6)My biggest piece of advice would be not to force it. Relax and you will feel inspired again.

How do you beat bloggers block?

The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist

Fun fact, when I first started to get into skincare, (which was many moons ago) The Body Shop was the first place I went to. I knew I could trust them and they're almost like that friend who everyone has: reliable, trusting and supportive. The Vitamin E range was my first port of call. I still use some products from the vitamin E range to this day. I love the serum in oil. I repurchased the vitamin E hydrating toner the other day and instantly remembered why I loved it so.
Vitamin E Face Mist
After meeting with the lovely Caroline Hirons at the weekend and getting the chance to pick her brain, I felt like new skincare was on the cards any excuse hey. This little wonder definitely got her seal of approval. (Side note, she did say she would adopt me.) The previous times I purchased this I always opted for the squeeze bottle and would apply it with a cotton pad. I find the spritz bottle much more effective. It has a fine mist much like the Caudalie beauty elixir and you don't end up with a soaking wet face. I spritz straight from the bottle to the face, it saves on time and product getting wasted on a cotton pad. After using a good acid, which preps the skin for serums and oils, this is an effective hydrating toner to start the layering process. Even throughout the day it's a good pick me up for dull skin. The scent is pleasant and not overpowering in the slightest. Overall, I am happy to have this back in my skincare routine. Being from the Body Shop, the price is very reasonable too. They always have offers on and well, it would be rude not to take them up on it.

Are you a fan of The Body Shop?

I 'kinda' Woke Up Like This

We all know that us ladies wake up flawless *insert appropriate emoji here* in fact its an art that's taken us a while to perfect. However for those days when we just don't feel like our inner Yonce is shinning brightly, here's some products and tips that help.
Aaannddddd.... I'm awake.

Pixi H2O Skin tint.
In my opinion one of the best 'I woke up like this', 'barely there' bases around. When I first used this I was shocked at the texture. It is unlike anything else I have used. It's definitely a gel like consistency when it first comes out of the tube, then whilst blending its slightly whipped, a bit like a mousse. It blends beautifully and seamlessly into the skin. The most impressive part about this product is that it really does feel like a drink of water for the skin. The skin tint has a cooling and awakening feel on the skin and I find it is best applied with fingers as you don't need too much. I am very impressed with the coverage of this product. I didn't expect it to be so impressive as I have found most water based products can be hit or miss but this has more coverage than most drugstore BB creams Dr. Jart I'm looking at you. However the Pixi Skin tint is definitely a hit. Perfect for early mornings it's almost fool proof which I love. I was initially worried it would not suit my combination skin, however any doubts were disproved because the finish is semi-matte, leaving a lovely glow but not too oily. This is what I reach for when I'm in a rush and most certainly didn't wake up looking like 'This'. Virtually undetectable and can be our little secret.

Clinique Airbrush Concealer
A holy grail product in my arsenal. This never lets me down. It's easy to use, blends like a dream and reflects light beautifully. I reach for this when I'm in a rush, a few swipes and it looks like I've had a full nights sleep.

Korres Lip Butter
I mention this product far to often but it really is worth it. I tend to dab this on my lips lightly for a subtle stain, it instantly lifts the face and distracts from any tell tell signs of tiredness.

Nothing too heavy but a coat or two of your favourite mascara will make eyes pop and help you look more awake.

What are your tips for mimicking the 'I woke up like this' look?

Model Of The Moment- Neelam Gill

There are a lot of models who's names are floating around during fashion week. However the model of the moment and one to watch this season is Miss Neelam Gill. Her debut was on the one and only Burberry runway, quite the accomplishment. Her striking looks and runway poise have quickly made her one of Burberry's sweethearts. Move over Suki Waterhouse there's a new kid in town. Recently donning the cover of Elle India, Neelam is paving the way for more Indian models and I couldn't be prouder. Her accomplishments are inspiring and will help change the future to make more space for up and coming talent of all ethnic backgrounds. Personally I love that she is the muse for the new season Burberry beauty line, as someone who has a similar skin tone to Neelam I now know that Burberry will have something to suit me. That's something I find difficult especially with drug store brands. Hopefully, this will trickle down to the drugstore and we will finally get a wider shade selection for a range of skin-tones.

I've made my love for Burberry quite vocal, on this blog and on my twitter. Every LFW I look forward to their show the most. I'm still lusting for a Burberry Initial scarf. They are a British brand and understand that fashion reaches different ethnicities, I hope more brands take note of this.

To showcase her more personal style  are documenting her outfits everyday for a month as part of their 'Today I'm Wearing' feature. I for one am hooked! I feel like a proud sister when I see Neelams face on campaign pictures and especially in the September issue of Carine Roitfeld's Fashion book. I can't wait to follow the great lengths her career will take her and I will continue to support her. There are some parts of her life I have read in interviews which mirror my own experiences and if a girl from the West Midlands can get her name and face in Vogue. There's no limit to what we can achieve. Here's to more diversity in fashion and beauty, whether it's in small blogs like mine or big fashion houses.

Who is your model of the moment?

Lazy Guys Guide to... Autumn Style #1

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I absolutely love writing my Lazy Girls Guide posts, and seen as I love talking about menswear I thought I'd start the Lazy Guys Guide. The first in the series will be all about menswear. I have such a passion for menswear. Once was somewhat neglected on the high street but now there are many places to find great men's style.

Layering - Tones
Layering is important for men and no one does it better than one Kanye West. All opinions of his personal life aside, you have to admit the man layers like a dream. The key to layering like Kanye is simple. He mixes tones and textures. Instead of going for the classic white and black combo, which can be a harsh contrast, aim for more tonal looks. It instantly looks more casual and laid back without looking too try hard. A mix of greys and grey-blues in an outfit work well. Think tonal it creates an unpretentious wearable style.

I'm a big fan of mixing textures, a good example of that comes with suede and leathers. If your going for a more casual look a suede or nubuck boot can be your best friend. I personally love a Chelsea boot on a man. They work well in formal settings, with a suit and also in more casual environments i.e with a pair of jeans and tee. When looking for the perfect Chelsea boot I'd recommend a nubuck or suede pair. A quick note, a leather brogue will never go out of style.

The return of grey
I've noticed this autumn/winter season there is a return of grey. Especially the grey flannel suit. Almost every men high street store has their take on it. The material is soft and moves very well. It is a warm fabric so its perfect for the colder months. To avoid grey looking bland I recommend mixing tones and even adding patterns or textures. Whether that's with a printed pocket square or knitted tie.

There is nothing I love more than tweed during the colder months. Blame it on my love for Downton Abbey. Tweed will always be popular so I do suggest investing in a piece. I've seen a lot of tweed pieces mixed with leather detailing which is very interesting and a mix of colours also works well. Whether it has a check or herringbone pattern, either way it's worth a look.

That's part 1 to the lazy guys guide to autumn style. What do you love most about men's fashion?

(pictures taken from tumblr)
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