Marsala Madness

In case you missed the memo, Pantone; the global colour authority announced that the colour of the year is... Marsala.  Best described as an earthy wine red, Marsala is a colour that is flattering on all skin tones. Whether we have Kylie Jenner (and her lips) to thank for this one, or the fact that everything 90's has come back to slap us in the face, either way it's great news.

Marsala Pantone 2015
Colour of 2015 - Marsala
Marsala is a beautiful colour to incorporate into interior design, fashion and even beauty. It particularly makes a for a beautiful lip colour. I have been loving the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in the shade Sultry (Ooh la la). The Revlon lip crayons are some of the best on the market. Not only are they nourishing but they are really easy to apply, the retractable crayon means no sharpener is required. The Matte Balms have more of a velvet matte finish and are not drying in the slightest. The whole shade selection is impressive but Sultry is my favourite by far. The browny- pink hue is extremely flattering and has a vintage feel about it. Purse friendly and perfect to test the Marsala trend.

I'm always more adventurous with colours when it comes to my nails. Essie's Angora Cardi is one polish which I've had in my collection for a while and always go back to. Not just limited to sweater weather, it's beautiful all year round. The Essie formula and brush make it one of my go to polish brands, as it makes for an easy fuss free at home manicure. The shade has the perfect blend of brown and brick undertones to suit all skin tones.

Will you be wearing Marsala this year?

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads

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If I mentioned the words 'facial pads' most of us would immediately think of the Clearasil pads from way back when. They were as astringent as nail polish remover and just as harsh on the skin. However nowadays things are a little different, thank ya Jesus! The facial pads on the market today are less abrasive and alot more gentle on the skin.
The One For Everyone
First Aid Beauty have recently become one of my most trusted brands, everything I have tried from them has been impressive, effective and affordable.
The First Aid Beauty Radiance Pads are one of my favourite exfoliants. They're perfect for those who are just starting out with acid toners, and as far as acid toners go, these are as gentle as can be.
They are still effective enough for you to keep in your skincare arsenal to switch up daily. I use them after I've cleansed my skin. They are suitable for all skin types and are perfect for keeping skin exfoliated and toned.

American readers will be happy to know these are easily accessible for you too!

Have you tried any First Aid Beauty products?

Interior Inspiration

I've mentioned my passion for interior design before on this blog. In fact, I dedicated a whole post to what my dream home would look like. There are some things I will always be a sucker for *ahem, copper and marble*, but also new and unusual prints and textiles that I probably wouldn't have been attracted to earlier. I also just love sharing pictures of rad things I think others would enjoy. For my own interior preference think more, airy interiors with a more modern bohemian turn. 

'mother, may I?'

Knock Knock

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Much Ado About Nothing?

This past week has been a roller-coaster of emotions to say the least.

I started last week with an interview, to what I still believe was to be my dream job.

Rollercoaster Job
Strapped in, stomach churning due to anticipation. Emotions were ranging from fear to excitement back to fear again. I visualized the ending and saw myself getting that phone call which I was to be told the position was mine. I made it to the interview and dodged the first hurdle. At this point I'm strapped in, total chaos surrounds me and my thoughts. But I look ahead and set my thoughts to tunnel vision. Trying to make sense of the jumbled emotions, excitement, nervousness and fear I begin the assessment day. Before I know it I'm strapped in. I want to run away and hide but curiosity gets the better of me and the thought of what's to come is too compelling. Slowly, etching closer and closer the hours pass and most of the day is done. I can't see what's ahead of me, looking back and dwelling is not a good idea, looking sideways is too distracting so I decide to just look forward. With my thoughts slightly jumbled I try to adapt with the rest of the day and finally I can see the top of the hill approaching. I made it through the day. Was the worst over with? Or is it yet to come.

After the assessment day is done I am full of excitement, waiting for the happy news to arrive. Then the train stops on the tracks. There's nothing left to do but wait...

With my heart in my throat I try to keep visualizing the outcome, receiving the good news and being ecstatic with the result. The sudden silence lasts for days! I don't hear anything.

I wonder if this seat belt is secure at all? Until Friday when I MAKE THE CALL. As I await the outcome, my heart is in my throat, stomach is churning but I remain positive and think this ride could be life changing. Excitement rushes through like water in a river. Then she says the dreaded words "unfortunately you have been unsuccessful". Suddenly it all becomes black and there's a deafening silence. All of a sudden I can see the drop. My hands are gripped tight, im holding on for dear life and feel myself descending at rapid rate. All around is chaos, I didn't prepare for this. Thoughts and feelings are chaotic again. I feel the shakes as the coaster twists and turns, my thoughts try and keep up. Then it happens... the fall back down to earth. Before I know it the adventure is over, my head is spinning in ways I have never imagined, I climb out of my seat feeling sick, legs shaking, not knowing what to do next.

Could I possibly put myself through this again? Will a new faster, shinier roller coaster be less of an anti climax?

Is there a bigger better ride awaiting in the future?

10 Things That Have Made Me Smile

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1) The sun coming out (don't be fooled it's still bloody freezing)
2) Meeting new and lovely people
3) Meaningful text messages, we'll, Whatsapp messages
4) Spring plants popping up throughout the park
5) First page of a new notebook
6) Reading all your lovely comments
8) Booking the Harry Potter Studio Tour!
9) Pealing a clementine in one peel. (Baller status)
10) Reliving 90/00's R&B

What's made you smile lately?
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