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When it comes to shampoos and conditioners I try to buy ones which are silicone and paraben free. I find this works better on my hair. Shampoos containing silicones and parabens usually weigh my hair down and make it look greasier quicker. Over the past couple of years I have tried many different 'natural' shampoos and this is one brand I keep coming back to.
JASON hair care
JASON are a natural company which was established in 1959! They sell a range of products including skincare and body care. I can't say I have tried many of those, however their shampoos I've tried almost every single one. While mooching on feel unique one day I came across JASON shampoos and was intrigued immediately by the fact they contain no parabens, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates or phthalates. I ordered one and the rest is history. Since then I have been trying every different shampoo they offer from the Super Shine Apricot (a personal favourite) to the Vitamin E shampoo. I like to have at least one bottle in my bathroom cabinet at all times as I know this shampoo I can trust especially when others have let me down e.g left my scalp dry.

When it comes to paraben free shampoos I have tried many brands. Some are very over priced and not worth it at all. There's a common preconception that 'natural' equals more expensive. However this is not the case with JASON shampoos. Firstly, the price is very reasonable especially taking into account the size of the product. They range from around £6.29 for 473ml. The only thing I've found with these are that they require a little more product to create a lather. The range they offer is also quite generous, your bound to find one to suit you hair type, from thickening and strengthening to completely fragrance free. They clean the hair well not stripping the hair leaving it dry. They are well worth a try especially if your thinking or ditching paraben and silicone laden products.

All JASON products were recently on 3 for 2 on feel unique. So naturally stocked up. Have you tried any products by JASON?


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