Hunting for Hydration

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The end of May is nigh, and its still raining, cold and grey. Has anyone else forgotten what its like to leave the house in only one layer? Yep, me too. It almost feels as if we're forever getting summer ready, but we just keep getting stood up. If your still in need of some serious hydration these are some of my hydrating heroes.

Hydration Heroes
First Aid Beauty Body Moisturiser 
This body moisturiser is my savour. Not only is it extremely hydrating, it also helps with any skin issues I may have. Whether its dry patches or any redness. It is instantly soothing and cooling. The product is thick yet easy to apply, and it keeps my skin hydrated and feeling soft all day. It does not contain any fragrance, a great one for sensitive skin, and won't clash with any perfume. The best bit is that it leaves no greasy residue!

Origins Drink Up Mask
This product does not mess around when it comes to hydrating the skin. It is an overnight mask which you apply before bed and when you wake in the morning you can still feel it on your skin. Unlike most masks which disappear almost instantly. In the morning I am left with plump, soft skin. The consistency is that of a thick moisturiser. The mask is white but applies clear, a good one for a long haul flight, to battle the drying plane air.

NUXE Reve De Miel/ Body Shop Aloe Lip Care
I cheated, I couldn't just pick one. Both of these provide intense hydration to parched lips. I have tried many a lip balm in my time and know a good one when I use it. The body shop aloe lip care is a perfect product to use over night. I like using the Nuxe Reve De Miel in stick form, for on the go. It keeps my lips soft and plump, and also has a more matte effect rather than the usual glossy finish most lip balms have.

Coconut Oil
A quick google will tell you of the many uses of coconut oil. It's used for practically everything. I enjoy using it most on my hair. I apply coconut oil liberally on my hair at night, paying particular attention my my scalp. I sleep in it and wash my hair in the morning. A good tip is to work the shampoo into your hair before getting in contact with water. Then slowly add water and wash as normal. This makes it easier to wash out all the oil. After washing, my hair is noticeably softer and much shinier. Not to mention easier to manage.

What are some of your hydrating heroes?

Feeling Blue? Current Favourite Blue Nailpolishes

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It's been a while since I have written a nail polish post. Recently when making the gargantuan decision of what colour to paint my nails? I noticed I have a rather large collection of blue nail colours. I've picked four very different shades which I enjoy using.

Essie Lapis of Luxury
Essie, in my opinion has the best formula of polishes around. Lapis of luxury is a summertime favourite of mine. Its a gorgeous creamy blue which I think will flatter most skin tones.  I love using this shade and its one of those colours which you catch yourself staring at throughout the day.

Nails Inc Stanhope Garden
Nails Inc produce some of the most beautiful and unique colours around. Part of the Sorbet Collection, Stanhope Gardens is a blue unlike any other. It's in-between a duck egg blue and the classic Tiffany blue. I need 2/3 coats of this to make it opaque.

OPI Ski Teal We Drop
The award for best nail polish names has to go to OPI. This teal polish applies beautifully and the OPI brush makes it so easy to work with. Unlike the Nails Inc Stanhope Gardens this can be opaque with only one coat. The polish lasts a good 4/5 days and even without a topcoat remains shiny.

Nails Inc Motcomb Street
This shade is very reminiscent of Essie's After School Boy Blazer. A very dark almost black but blue shade. This looks very chic and I love wearing it, it goes with everything and is an alternative to a black shade.

Stay Connected with Chronicles of Wasted Time

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I thought I'd write a post about the different ways you can keep up with Chronicles of Wasted Time. There are many social media platforms but the ones I chose to use are listed below.
Anybody else a big fan of Polaroid cameras?

Twitter @timechronicles
I find Twitter is the easiest way to stay connected with other bloggers and readers. I tend to tweet the links to my new posts so its easier to find them. Expect a lot of food related tweets and other musings.

Does anyone else have a routine as soon as they turn on the laptop. I do, and Bloglovin is definitely part of that routine. You can find all the blogs I enjoy reading on there and I love how easy it is to use. You can follow and keep up to date with my bloglovin here.

Instagram - chroniclesofwastedtime
I love a good TBT, FBF or MCM (FYI I only just found out what this was). Expect a variety of snaps whether it's my breakfast, what I'm reading or what's on my nails. My username is chroniclesofwastedtime

Ah Tumblr, I love it. My tumblr page is full of stuff that I love, I treat my page like an inspiration board. Full of fashion, food and interior decor inspiration. I update my Tumblr quite often and love how different it looks everytime I add more images.

I'm always replying and sending emails. So if you have a burning question and don't want to use any of the other 
platforms, I'd recommend sending an email. 

I also use Google+ and Stumbleupon, just search

I hope that makes things clearer and easier, feel free to leave your links below. 

Bioderma Photoderm AKN Mat SPF 30

Bioderma Photoderm AKN Mat
Here in the UK we've been lucky enough to enjoy a few days of sunshine. It feels like summer is right around the corner, so now would be a good time to mention SPF's. Over the years I've tried many facial SPF creams, and one I have enjoyed using the most is the Bioderma Photoderm AKN Mat. The one I have is SPF 30.
What I like most about this product is that it is targetted for combination/oily skin. It doesn't leave my skin looking greasy like most sun protectors do, and after working it into the skin it absorbs leaves a matte finish. The product comes out white and needs working into the skin to get rid of any tell tell signs of a SPF. It did not break me out which is a bonus, I always make sure to double cleanse after I have been wearing this to make sure I have got it all off my skin. I feel like when a sunscreen is not washed off properly is when breakouts can occur. It does have a slight fragrance to it, I can't quite pin point what the scent is but it's not the classic sunscreen scent. So bear that in mind if you normally react to fragranced products.

What SPF creams would you recommend?

Blogs I'm Loving Right Now

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There are so many great blogs out there. Quality, individual content and good pictures are what I look for in a blog. Here are some that I am enjoying right now.

1) How to be jobless.
Witty, smart and honest content. The quality of writing is superb. What I love most about this blog is that it has given us graduates a voice! I admire how her posts are very intelligent and about serious issues yet still so funny! I love that she was anonymous and that the message of this blog is to "find a way to laugh". It's something that I definitely have started doing, after all, it's better than ruining your mascara, no-one wants mascara tears. If you're anything like me you'll find it hard to leave this site without reading everything.

2)Singh Street Style
It's no secret that  menswear is a passion of mine, I think there needs to be more men's blogs and urge them to be creative. There are great quality photographs and a variety of styles on this blog. Street Style blogs are some of my favourites as they feature real people out and about. I find them more authentic. Pardeep has beautifully blended British and Sikh identities together. There are some great fashion pieces and I could easily spend hours on this site.

I'm sure you've all heard of ghostparties, one of my favourite beauty blogs. Gh0stparties is a joy to read as I feel although Kate's personality really shines through. Making content unique and personal. Her writing style is very much as if she is speaking to a good friend, which instantly gets you hooked and scrolling through the archives.

I was introduced to Daisybutter after Michelle left some really lovely comments on a few of my post. If you're not following her, do so, stat. A combination of beautiful outfit pictures and great lifestyle posts. There's something for everyone.

What are some of your bookmarked blogs?

The One? Una Brennan Daily Defence Moisturiser

When it comes to moisturisers, I'm extremely picky and not very loyal. I think there's only ever been one moiusteriser I have repurchased (Effaclar mat) but apart from that I go from pot to pot hoping to find the one!
Super Facialist by Una Brennan Skin Defence Daily Moisteriser

It's no secret that I'm a fan of the Superfacialist range by Una Brennan. I was perusing the aisles of Boots one day, not looking for anything in particular when this caught my eye. It intrigued me and I hadn't heard much about this product, so it came home with me. At first glance it ticked all the boxes, it contains UVA/UVB protection, promises to brighten, and comes with a pump. The scent is divine and smells like oranges, similar to the Origins Ginzing moisturiser, lovely to use in the mornings as it awakens skin. The product is lightweight, it absorbs into the skin quickly and doesn't leave me looking oily. My skin looks refreshed and much smoother.

It doesn't state on the packaging what skin type this product is suited to e.g oily combination or dry skins. I think this would be a good product for most skin types and one to definitely try. I have oily combination skin and haven't reacted badly to it at all. I have been using this everyday for around three weeks now, I have noticed that my skin definitely looks brighter and it has helped with some scaring that I have. Overall, I love using this product, and think its perfect for the warmer weather. I will definitely repurchase it when it runs out.

Well done Superfacialist, this is another hit! What's your favourite moisturiser?

A little word about Jay Z and Solange


I have to be honest and admit I have giggled at some of the Jay Z and Solange memes floating around the internet at the moment. It's hard not to, seen as twitter was so quick off the mark with their witty hashtags. I found out about the incident from twitter first as I'm sure many others did too. But when we look past the tongue in cheek memes we've all been enjoying, there is a much more serious issue being overlooked. If you haven't seen the clip, it shows Solange Knowles 'attacking' Jay Z in an elevator. We shouldn't be laughing and poking fun at the incident but together we should all be angry that a personal family incident was sold to millions of strangers. Imagine if it was your family involved? Forget for a second that 'celebrities' are involved, imagine it was one of your private family troubles broadcast around the internet. I know that I would be mortified. Imagine people were ridiculing it and poking fun. I can only imagine how it feels to experience that on such a scale.

What irks me the most about this whole incident is what if the roles were reversed and it was a man attacking a woman would we still be laughing? Would there still be memes being shared by complete strangers? It doesn't sit well with me that just because it is a woman lashing out a man people have overlooked the violence and the seriousness of it all. The fact that this violent incident was sold for such a large sum after a bidding war by gossip sites, also makes me feel sick. Where is the humanity? And it only leads me to dread what will be next. How far will this go and in the future and what will we be viewing? If we forget that the people involved are famous it really isn't funny anymore is it. If you had to explain this video to someone who did not know who Jay Z, Beyonce or Solange Knowles was (I know that's hard to believe) what are the chances that they would find it funny? We need to have a long hard think about how we view these incidents, otherwise it could only get worse. I know it seems like harmless fun and maybe its because the parties involved are so famous and have more money than God, that we find hilarity in their problems. However, ultimately they are still people and this was a private family matter that went out of control. Next time we think of a witty remark to make, contribute to a hashtag or share 'funny' memes, take a second to think of the wider issue.

I'd love to know some of your thoughts.

5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

I must admit that I can be a pessimist at times, and sometimes need reminding about the smaller things in life. These are five things that have made me happy this week. No matter how small it may seem, take time to think about the things that have made you smile.

1) The sun. The weather really does have an impact on my mood. Seeing the sun has made me so happy, even though as I type this the clouds have taken over. I love the heat and sunshine, maybe it's because I'm a summer baby but I just love it.

2) Seeing friends and family. This week I have seen family members I haven't seen in years, it was really nice catching up and reminiscing on childhood memories. I always find it quite calming and refreshing when I meet friends and family. No matter how anxious or worried I have been feeling about life beforehand I always feel better afterwards.

3) New shoes. This might seem like a shallow one but who doesn't love new shoes? My new chelsea boots have made me very happy indeed.

4) Anchorman 2. Don't judge me for taking so long to watch it. This week I finally got round to it and I wasn't left disappointed. Not as good as the first one but still a good watch on a lazy evening in.

5) Comments! I've been lucky enough to have been left some really nice comments on my posts lately. I have to say that I love reading them and always reply. They make my day, thank you so much.

What has made you happy this week?

Lush Grease Lightning

These past few weeks have been full of bad skin days. You know when your skin just looks and feels terrible and you're not sure why? Yep, well, that was me. This product hit a real home-run for me, when nothing else did. The Lush Grease Lightning Spot Treatment is a product I have mentioned before in a post about blemish prone skin. However, I thought it now deserves a post of its own.

I firstly must mention that this product has a pump which I think is ideal. It keeps it clean and hygienic as well as being functional and easy to use. It's also economical as you can control how much you use. The blend of ingredients are what I think makes this product work so well. It contains an antiseptic rosemary, tea tree as well as witch hazel and grape juice. Most spot treatments only contain one or two of these ingredients. I find that the consistency works well, it applies like a gel and is not too runny. Overnight is when I tend to use this the most, I have used it under make-up before and found that didn't quite work out well. After the first night of using this, I noticed in the morning that the redness was reduced. As the nights went on, the breakouts were considerably reduced and more astonishingly I haven't been left with an angry red scar. It may have taken a little longer than other spot treatments but anything that does not leave my skin scarred is worth it. What I love about this the most is that it is gentle but still provides results. Other treatments I have used dry out the blemish but also dry out the surrounding skin leaving it flaky (sorry for that mental image). Grease Lightning does not do that. I have also found that it works particularly well on a blemish you feel coming. It immediately reduces soreness and redness. This has become a staple in my bathroom cupboard.

Have you tried Grease Lightning before?

Lazy Girls Guide to... Skincare

The second in my 'lazy girls guide' series. This one is all about skincare. Now there are a lot of things I'm rather lazy about *cough, eyeliner, cough*. However when it comes to skincare I'm the opposite. I quite enjoy taking the time to work through my skincare regime. I'm sure that if me, the girl who usually waits too long in between getting her eyebrows done can do this, you can too. I'm going to present a lazy girls guide to skincare, which is simple, hopefully easy to read and straight to the point.

  1. Wash your face! A good cleanser whether its a balm, cream or oil, and a damp flannel. Just do it, even if you're tired. You'll feel great afterwards. 
  2. Tone. A swipe of an exfoliating toner, followed by a hydrating toner. Done.
  3. Serum. I have to admit I normally forget this step but notice a huge difference when I do it. Find one which is suitable for your skin type, whether your dehydrated or combination. 
  4. Moisturise!!! Pretty self explanatory really, but which ever moisturiser works for you, use it now. Yes, oily skin needs moister too. 
Now, obviously these are just the brief outlines, the bare bones, if you will. It provides a basis for your skincare routine that you can build upon. Cater it for your needs e.g daytime or night-time routine. Add in a SPF or a treatment such as an oil or face mask. I always use an eye cream, if you do too add that in also.  Double cleanse at night if you're wearing make up. Change your moisturiser for something richer at night, or lighter for the daytime. Overall, if you stick to these basic outlines you won't go far wrong and it really doesn't take long at all.  

Do you make time for your skincare regime? 

Superfacialist Rose Hydrate Cleanser

I'm a big fan of the Una Brennan Superfacialist line, the products are effective and great quality. The best part is that they're available at Boots (hello 3 for 2 offer). I've mentioned my love for the Deep Flower mask and cleanser before. The latest product I have been trying is the Rose Hydrate Cleanser. 
Rose Hydrate Calming Creamy Cleanser
This cream cleanser breaks down any make-up or debris and leaves skin clean without feeling tight. Washed away easily with a damp flannel or muslin cloth it definitely feels like a treat for the skin. The cleanser is thick and creamy and I've found it works just as well as more well known cream cleansers almost double the price. This product will work particularly well for dryer skin types, however it did not aggravate my combination skin. The calming ingredients do just that, and I've found it helped with any pesky redness I was experiencing. I must say that this cleanser does have a strong rose scent which I'm not the biggest fan of, but I'm willing to let that slide as it washes away well and the results are impressive. Another hit by Una Brennan I would definitely repurchase. My Superfacialist shopping list gets longer as I work my way through the line.

Are you a fan of the Superfacialist by Una Brennan line?
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