L'Oreal vs Bioderma

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Bioderma has been a blogger favourite for a few years now. It's a lot easier to get a hold of now compared to a couple years ago. However not quite as easy as popping into your local pharmacy/supermarket like L'Oreal is. I'll be comparing the L'Oreal Paris skin perfection to everyone's beloved Bioderma.

Bioderma Sensibio H20 Micelle Solution versus LOreal Paris Skin Perfection Micellar Solution  

The L'Oreal Paris skin perfection certainly seems like a 'dupe' for Bioderma Sensibo H20, I don't like to call skincare items 'dupes' as I feel although dupes should be more for cosmetics. But as they seem so similar lets just go with it. Now whereas the L'Oreal skin perfection certainly is cheap, (the RRP is £4.99 but I have seen it on promotion for as low as £2) I feel like it won't be so in the long run. I have a major gripe with the packaging, so much gets wasted as product just spills out the top. It would be much better with a Bioderma-like squeeze bottle or even a pump. Whereas Bioderma takes make up off in just a couple swipes, a bit more product is required with the L'Oreal version. It also does not leave my skin feeling clean afterwards, one of Bioderma's great appeals is that it feels like water and leaves a cool, clean, refreshing feeling. However the skin perfection feels oily and left my skin with a film like residue which I could not wait to wash away.

I must say that I don't use micellars daily as I prefer to double cleanse but for lazy days I would pick the Bioderma over L'Oreal. I have spotted a Garnier version in my local boots and will be trialling that very soon.

Do you use micellar waters? Which one is your favourite.


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