Lazy Girls Guide to Dry Shampoo

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I find it hard to find a dry shampoo that works well in my long dark hair. If I'm honest I have to say I don't particularly like using a dry shampoo, some make my hair feel much dirtier than before. There's always tell tell signs that dry shampoo has been used which I'm not fond of; grey patches in hair, the matte look, where hair seems to have lost all shine, and the dry ends. On days when I just don't have time to wash my hair, these 2 dry shampoos are the ones I reach for.
Dove Refresh and Care dry shampoo £4.59 and V05 Refresh Me Quick £3.59

Both these dry shampoos have a pleasant scent, not too strong but enough to add some freshness into the hair, I prefer the V05 as it smells sweet like strawberries. What I like about these 2 products are that they both do not leave white chalk residue in my hair. As someone with dark hair it is something I struggle with with dry shampoo. If you shake these thoroughly and spray into the roots of the hair they do a good job of removing the oil and greasy look without leaving your hair matte and lifeless. I would say that the Dove Refresh and Care dry shampoo definitely adds more volume than the V05 Refresh Me Quick but both are equally refreshing. After using dry shampoo I make sure to run a serum or hair oil through the ends of my hair so it looks a lot fresher. Price wise they are both very reasonable, can be found on offer most of the time and easily accessible in pharmacies and supermarkets.  I would definitely recommend both of these products as they have made me change the way I think about dry shampoos.

Do you enjoy using dry shampoo?


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