Dark Circle Distraction (no concealer required)

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Sometimes I find that when my dark circles are particularly bad, adding heavy concealer can make them look worse and more obvious. I do these steps to help me look more awake.

  • Don't skip the eye cream I love the Origins Ginzing eye cream as it feels refreshing and cool.

  • Curling my eyelashes are a must, they make eyes look more open and awake which distract from dark circles. Adding mascara can help too but nothing too heavy.

  • To make my eyes look brighter I use a shimmery neutral cream eye shadow, a light sweep works best.

  • The last tip is my favourite, a bright lip colour does wonders for brightening a face and completely distracts from tired eyes. I find a matte colour works just as well if not better than glossy lips. Check out the Revlon matte balms

If you feel you still need concealer, I'd recommend a sheer illuminating concealer.

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