Whats On Your Nails?

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You may know it was Diwali yesterday, the bright colours, candles and sparkles of Diwali always warms my heart. I'm not going to lie, yesterday I may enjoyed all my favourite foods just a little. But taking a break from eating I took some time to paint my nails and this is what I chose. This beautiful Purple from Barry M is perfect for this season. Its quite different from any other purple shades I have as it is quite warm, but definitely leans towards a more traditional purple rather than a grey purple we've seen alot of lately. After two coats of Vintage Violet I followed up with this beautiful Nails Inc Special Effects top coat in The Donmar. The holographic glitter compliments any shade you wear under it. It has a unique iridescence to it which catches the light beautifully. The formula applies easily and is not too clumpy or thick. A perfect glitter which mimics the look of a candle flame. 

What's on your nails?


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