The Little Serum That Could - Apivita Radiance

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Apivita Natural Serum Radiance
Apivita Natural Serum Radiance
Serums make the most difference to my skin, they help treat any skin issues. Let me introduce you to my new best friend, Apivita Natural Serum. I've loved Apivita for years now and have mentioned them a fair few times on this here blog. Apivita have a range of natural serums all targeted for specific needs, there is Hydration, Radiance, Line Reducer and Lifting. I picked up the Radiance serum as part of a two piece set, along with it came the Lifting Serum. My mum is currently using the Lifting serum and I'll report back with how she's getting on with it. Radiance, contains Bilberry and Vitamin C to reduce discolouration and improve skin tone, the active ingredients stimulate all the processes for radiant skin. I have been using this everyday for a while now, firstly the serum smells amazing. It's a very pleasant citrus scent, but not overpowering and it doesn't linger so you're not left smelling it all day. Since using this, I have noticed an improvement in my skin tone. It makes skin look like it's glowing from within. Along with a good acid tone and this serum I have noticed that scarring has been reduced and my skin looks clearer and healthier. The product is light and milky which doesn't feel heavy in the slightest. What I love the most about Apivita is that it is free from parabens, silicones, mineral oil and all other nasties. That is important as you don't get that horrible rolling of products when you're layering skincare. I think this will be perfect for the colder months as it'll add some life into dull skin.

The only qualm I have with this product is the packaging. The glass bottle looks lovely and feels very weighted which adds to the luxurious feel. However I'm worried that along with the pipet applicator I may not be able to get all of the product out of the packaging when its nearing the end. I hate wasting products especially ones as brilliant as this. The pipet is very useful in keeping things hygienic, but I feel the bottle needs tweaking, so that the product can be used up. Packaging aside, the serum is lovely, and if your skin looks like it needs some radiance and glow, this is the one I'd recommend. Apivita I applaud you... again.

What do you look for in a serum?


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