What's On Your Nails Right Now?

Seche Nail Laquer - Simplicity 

If you haven't been to your local TK maxx lately, I suggest making a trip. Mine has had a huge delivery of nail polishes lately. From Ciate and OPI to Butter London and everything in between. I'm a big fan of the Seche Vite top coat, so when I saw they had the Seche nail colours in stock I was elated. I bypassed all my usual go to autumn colours and opted for this nude. 'Simplicity' is in my opinion the perfect polish for when you don't know what you want on your nails. The weather in the UK has been unseasonable warm of late, typically as I type this its pouring with rain. I wear a jumper in the morning and by afternoon I'm sweltering. It doesn't feel right to wear a bright bold or a deep dark colour just yet. This nude suits me well as it doesn't clash with anything and just makes my hands look polished and sophisticated. A somewhat 'nothing' colour in the bottle and one you might miss amoungst a rainbow display of polish, but one you need in your collection asap. Best part about this polish is that it was £3!!! *heads off back to TK Maxx*


  1. I'm a big fan of neutral colours like this one!


    1. It's so pretty, I think it will look nice on all skintones too.



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