My Body Shop Favourites Part 1

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I've been going to the Body Shop since I was a child, my whole family has. You could say I grew up with Body Shop products. I  remember having a red hairbrush from them which had a pattern of a lady bird on it. I loved that thing and carried it everywhere. I constantly refer to the Body Shop as being like that trusted family member or friend who you can go to with an issue and you'll feel trusted, safe and better afterwards. It's one of those unique, kind and caring companies you don't get very often. However for those of you who don't know where to start with their products or haven't ventured into the Body Shop world yet, I've narrowed down my 5 favourites and must tries.

The Body Shop

Fun fact for you; the first body butter was the mango scent all the way back in 1992! They started the body butter trend way back when. In  my household this one is the most repurchased. My brother has excema and very dry skin, this is the only body butter which he uses that provides relief to tight feeling dry skin. The difference between The Body Shop butters and cheaper alternatives is that they keep skin hydrated all day. They do so without feeling greasy or oily. All the scents are delicious and your hardest decision will be picking one... or two... or three!

This little baby got it's very own post. A true lip savior and one I'll be stocking up on during the cold weather months.

When it comes to shower gels I'm surprisingly quite picky. I don't normally stray too far from Soap and Glory as I find some just dry out my skin. However The Body Shop shower gels not only smell amazing but are gentle on the skin too. You can always tell if someone has been using this as the whole bathroom is awakened by a pleasant scent.

4) Christmas!
Christmas time at The Body Shop is truly divine! Limited edition scents and gifts sets make it the go to place when shopping for the festive period. I've had a sneak peak at the limited edition apple scent for this Christmas, and I can't get enough. They also have one of the best beauty advent calenders around.

I've repurchased this too many times to recall. It was once a big hit in the 90's and I know a lot of people who are happy its back. This shampoo is very nourishing and hydrating. It doesn't dry out hair leaving hair looking parched. Hair looks bouncy and full of life again. The shampoo and conditioner both smell magnificent, obviously.

I could go on and on as I've tried so much from them, so naturally this is just part 1. I honestly think they are one of the best stores to go into, the staff are so friendly and happy and its clear to see why.

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  1. i love the body shop products, they always smell so gorgeous! id love it if youd comment back xx


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