Tiger Haul

If I had to describe the store Tiger to someone who has never been. I'd say, think Ikea's cheeky little sister. Much like Ikea you can't walk into a Tiger store without buying something, and that's easy seen as everything is really cheap. A shopping centre close to me has opened a new Tiger store and I couldn't wait to have a look around.

Tiger stores
Goodies from Tiger

I picked up only a few things as it was quite busy in there, and so it should be, they had all their Halloween stock in which was just adorable. I firstly reached for this notebook as the colour was striking and I needed a new one for my handbag. I can't be the only one who thinks ideas just flow more freely when written by hand. It was only £1 so it would be rude not too. Secondly I was attracted to the cute heart shaped ring holder. Many ring holders I have found have been quite big, however this one is the perfect size for a bedside table. It fits in beautifully with my other trinket boxes. Lastly I opted for this set of measuring cups. Not only are the colours striking and fun but this will come in really handy when following American recipes. Their easy to wash and for only a few pounds no kitchen is complete without them.

I also picked up some sweets which I have devoured, and this pack of mini marshmallows, essential for hot chocolate season. That's the end of my Tiger haul but I'll definitely be back to look for stocking fillers and more. It's worth noting that they have a really good range of greeting cards for all occasions.

Are you a fan of Tiger?


  1. I love the measuring cups! So cute.

    Lauren x

  2. Oh my goodness I need those measuring cups! So cute! xoxo


    1. I struggle with keeping them in a cupboard I just want them on display all the time. Haha.



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