Z for Accessorize

Z for Accessorize
You can probably tell by now that I love jewellery. If I was to have my own jewellery line if would look a little like the new Z for Accessorize range. My local Accessorize has an adjoining Monsoon. As I walked into Monsoon I briefly had a look into their sister jewellery company. I saw a pair of Aqua Chalcedony earrings randomly hanging on the hook and thought if they did this in a ring I would definitely buy it. While making my way out of the store I noticed a big display of the new Z range. Immediately it was like a rush. Every piece was perfect and I didn't know where to start. Then I saw it. If you follow my twitter a few months ago I posted a picture I had seen on Tumblr and asked where I could find a ring similar to it. I had a few responses but none where what I was looking for. I researched that the stone was Aqua Chalcedony. Still after months of searching I couldn't find what I was looking for. Until that day in Accessorize. My precious. OK, enough with the dramatics now. Long story short I paid for it and couldn't wait to get it on my finger. I haven't stopped wearing it since. Just the other day I also purchased another Aqua Chalcedony ring from the same range. Overall I am extremely happy with my purchases and think the range of jewellery they have is near perfect. Simple yet striking pieces that can be work alone or stacked. Now someone just needs to hide my card as I can't seem to get the white moonstone ring out of my head.


  1. These are gorgeous, I love how simple and elegant they are. They remind me a lot of Monica Vinader rings (she's done some aqua chalcedony in the past) but without the price tag.

    1. Hi Lisa, I love the Monica Vinader rings, I think that's where the obsession began haha. Love the bracelets too.



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