Lazy Girls Guide to - Back to School Wardrobe

Many of you might be starting college or university in the upcoming weeks. If you wore a uniform throughout school, the thought of wearing your own clothes may make you very happy indeed. I was so excited to be able to wear what I want that I went out and bought a heap of new stuff. However I made the mistake of buying too many pieces which were either too bright, bold or just plain noticeable if worn more than once that week. The initial joy also wore off after a few weeks as the very early starts and laziness started to draw in. I just couldn't wake up early enough to plan my outfits. So here are some tips for a 'Back to School Wardrobe' full of basic pieces you can mix and match. Even if in your school, college or university your already wearing non uniform you could find some tips to save money, and time thinking about what to wear.

I always think that people look their best in Autumn. The layering, mixing different patterns and textures makes for much more interesting outfits. For effective layering make the most of the basics in your wardrobe, after all they provide the basis for every outfit.

A Good Pair of Jeans
A staple in any wardrobe, you may already have a pair you love or are still looking. I personally love the Topshop Jamie jeans. They are ankle grazers which are slightly high-waisted and look ever so flattering. I would suggest investing in one good pair you feel really comfortable in. My next tip would be to pick a pair which are a classic wash or colour, whether that be navy, or black. That way you can interchange it easily and no-one will be able to tell if you wear them a couple days in a row. Do I regret paying all that money in college for the pair with the obvious pattern on the back pockets? Oh yeah, those babies were not worth it.

Very important when it comes to layering. Every season I like to freshen up my wardrobe with a couple new tees. Those white V necks don't stay crisp white forever. I find ASOS is a good place to search for some. Not only do they sell various brands but they also sell 2 packs with many different colour options. A classic white tee and blue jeans never go out of style. So for the days where you wake up a little too late, you can always go back to basics.

I love Autumn and Winter because you get to wear boots! I wear them pretty much all year round but I guess they're much more socially acceptable in the colder months. My tip with boots would be to get a pair which are comfortable and that you can walk in. I personally don't tend to buy cheap shoes as I think some can be bad for your feet and posture. If you invest in a pair which are classic and comfy they will last for ages. I am a big fan of chelsea boots, they go with everything whether its jeans or a skirt, I did a whole post dedicated to them. Try a few different pairs on before choosing.

The Denim Shirt
Oh how I love a denim shirt, I love that they are so versatile and come in many different shades and styles. They are also great for layering, whether it is over a tee or vest or even under jumpers or cardigans. You can find them in many stores for a range of different prices and fits. I love the oversize, boyfriend shirts as they are so comfortable and look good with a pair of printed leggings.

Accessories are where you can really experiment with your outfits. The high street is a great place for jewellery, Topshop have a fantastic range and well worth the look. Accessories can really transform an outfit. Take the simple grey tee for example, whack on a statement necklace from Zara and a denim shirt and you have a completely new look to that basic grey tee. The Z by Accessorize line is a personal favourite if you prefer daintier pieces.

With Autumn comes great knitwear. I know sometimes knitwear can be expensive, but if you look after them they will last season after season. With certain 'trend' pieces I would recommend places like New Look, they are affordable and up to date. But for a classic knit, then Zara is definitely the place to go.

And there you have it, the lazy girls guide to autumn basics. What will you be wearing this Autumn?


  1. Can't wait for Autumn! This season I'm investing in a pair of flared jeans, a camel coat, and a new fedora. xxx

    Sarah Nunn | UK Style Blog

    1. I like the sound of that look. I think I need a camel coat in my life too!


  2. i cant wait for autumn, i love wearing jeans and jumpers!! id love it if youd comment back xx

    1. I can't wait for autumn too! Roll on jumpers and cardigans.


  3. Brilliant post with some excellent tips for a capsule wardrobe - brilliantly written too.

    1. Thank you, I'm so happy you enjoyed reading it.


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