The One That Actually Works- Murad Oil Control Matiffier

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I love the summer, in fact I live for it. The heat just makes me so happy. However, I get so sick of constantly using oil blotting sheets and powder to try and get rid of some unwanted shine. This post is for all us oily skinned gals out there. After work one day I was in Tk maxx, whilst I awaited my train, this is dangerous and is how many impulse buys happen. My eyes were quickly drawn to the unmistakable Murad packaging, as I searched through the many options I found this moisteriser which seemed perfect.
Murad Oil Control Mattifier
The Murad Oil Control Mattifier claims to provide long lasting oil control and prevent sun damage. It sounded perfect I quickly bought it and off home I went. When I got home I decided to have a little play with it, it had strong claims such as controlling oil for up to 8 hours. I applied this to the back of my hand and immediately noticed that it was much thicker than other oil control moisterisers I had used previously. Others were always thin and runny in consistency. However this was much thicker. When applied it surprisingly didn't take long to absorb into the skin. Initially I was impressed and began wearing it everyday. After using this for almost a month here is what I think. It definitely controls the oil my skin produces, I use it in the morning under any makeup, there is no shine and I find throughout the day I don't need to powder as often. That's a liberating feeling let me tell you. I have not had any break outs due to this product, there is a slight fragrance but nothing too overpowering. Makeup doesn't slip and slide over it. I think what impresses me the most is that this moisteriser includes UVA/UVB sun protection. Often oil control moisterisers do only that and do not include any sun protection, it's often only one or the other. However this product combines the two. I personally love the minimalist packaging, it's fuss free and does what it is supposed to. Now, I did find this in Tk maxx. Would I have tried it at full price? Probably not yet, the price tag would have put me off and had me questioning how good could it possibly be? I'm glad I did find it at a discounted price as now I can answer that question. It really is that good and I would definitely purchase it again. Think of the money I could save on oil blotting sheets. Albeit, a discount code would always come in handy.

Fellow oily skinned girls who are tired of the t-zone, if you can buy this, do so. You won't look back.


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