Jet-setters Series #3 Stay Smart

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We've come the final part of my jet setters series, it's been fun. This post will entail some tips and advice when travelling. Whether your traveling alone or in a group it's important to be aware of your surroundings.

My first tip would be to not just disappear, make sure you tel your friends and family what sorts of things you will be doing and where you will be visiting. Every now and then check back in with text or email. Roaming charges can be a right pain, so whenever you get free WiFi (thanks McDonalds) don't forget to send loved ones a quick message.

Try to blend in as much as possible. Beforehand try and make yourself familiar with the currency, so your not such an obvious target to pickpockets. Be careful of your items such as cameras and where you place them. Try not to constantly refer to the guidebooks.

Whether your travelling alone or with friends or family it is important not to put all your valuables in one place. When I was about to turn 19 I traveled to Canada alone and I was very aware that at one point I had all my valuables in my bag. My money, passport, camera and phone were all in one little bag, if I lost it I was screwed. Split your money, keep some on your person and keep some back in the hotel safe, same with your passport and other valuables. Try not to keep everything in one place. Same goes for clothing, if there's a group of you travelling put a few items of clothing in others suitcases and vice versa. Therefore if the airport accidentally loses your luggage you won't be completely without clean clothes.

Next, make sure you do a little research of the area you will be staying in before hand. Not only is it important to fin out where all the tourist hot spots are and how far the airport is to your hotel. A quick Google search will inform you of any public holidays or events happening that could disrupt your trip.

Another important tip to help against pick pockets is to not weigh yourself down. If your out shopping or out at the local markets, bags can pile up quickly. This will make you more vulnerable, imagine carrying all the shopping in one hand and an ice cream in the other. If you only have a small handbag or rucksack with you, invest in a tote bag, they are great. They don't weigh very much and can be folded away in your bag or pocket. Then when stuff starts to pile up just throw it all in there. They are also very handy to sit on when you just get too tired.

Lastly just be careful where you wander. We all want to discover new places but don't wander too far off the beaten path if your not entirely sure where your going.

Stay safe and I'd love to hear all about your adventures.


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