Hunting for Hydration

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The end of May is nigh, and its still raining, cold and grey. Has anyone else forgotten what its like to leave the house in only one layer? Yep, me too. It almost feels as if we're forever getting summer ready, but we just keep getting stood up. If your still in need of some serious hydration these are some of my hydrating heroes.

Hydration Heroes
First Aid Beauty Body Moisturiser 
This body moisturiser is my savour. Not only is it extremely hydrating, it also helps with any skin issues I may have. Whether its dry patches or any redness. It is instantly soothing and cooling. The product is thick yet easy to apply, and it keeps my skin hydrated and feeling soft all day. It does not contain any fragrance, a great one for sensitive skin, and won't clash with any perfume. The best bit is that it leaves no greasy residue!

Origins Drink Up Mask
This product does not mess around when it comes to hydrating the skin. It is an overnight mask which you apply before bed and when you wake in the morning you can still feel it on your skin. Unlike most masks which disappear almost instantly. In the morning I am left with plump, soft skin. The consistency is that of a thick moisturiser. The mask is white but applies clear, a good one for a long haul flight, to battle the drying plane air.

NUXE Reve De Miel/ Body Shop Aloe Lip Care
I cheated, I couldn't just pick one. Both of these provide intense hydration to parched lips. I have tried many a lip balm in my time and know a good one when I use it. The body shop aloe lip care is a perfect product to use over night. I like using the Nuxe Reve De Miel in stick form, for on the go. It keeps my lips soft and plump, and also has a more matte effect rather than the usual glossy finish most lip balms have.

Coconut Oil
A quick google will tell you of the many uses of coconut oil. It's used for practically everything. I enjoy using it most on my hair. I apply coconut oil liberally on my hair at night, paying particular attention my my scalp. I sleep in it and wash my hair in the morning. A good tip is to work the shampoo into your hair before getting in contact with water. Then slowly add water and wash as normal. This makes it easier to wash out all the oil. After washing, my hair is noticeably softer and much shinier. Not to mention easier to manage.

What are some of your hydrating heroes?


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