5 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

I must admit that I can be a pessimist at times, and sometimes need reminding about the smaller things in life. These are five things that have made me happy this week. No matter how small it may seem, take time to think about the things that have made you smile.

1) The sun. The weather really does have an impact on my mood. Seeing the sun has made me so happy, even though as I type this the clouds have taken over. I love the heat and sunshine, maybe it's because I'm a summer baby but I just love it.

2) Seeing friends and family. This week I have seen family members I haven't seen in years, it was really nice catching up and reminiscing on childhood memories. I always find it quite calming and refreshing when I meet friends and family. No matter how anxious or worried I have been feeling about life beforehand I always feel better afterwards.

3) New shoes. This might seem like a shallow one but who doesn't love new shoes? My new chelsea boots have made me very happy indeed.

4) Anchorman 2. Don't judge me for taking so long to watch it. This week I finally got round to it and I wasn't left disappointed. Not as good as the first one but still a good watch on a lazy evening in.

5) Comments! I've been lucky enough to have been left some really nice comments on my posts lately. I have to say that I love reading them and always reply. They make my day, thank you so much.

What has made you happy this week?


  1. Anchorman 2 was pretty epic, love love love Paul Rudd :) And new shoes is right, can't go wrong with a stylish pair!

    1. I love Paul Rudd too, it's hard not too!


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