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There are so many great blogs out there. Quality, individual content and good pictures are what I look for in a blog. Here are some that I am enjoying right now.

1) How to be jobless.
Witty, smart and honest content. The quality of writing is superb. What I love most about this blog is that it has given us graduates a voice! I admire how her posts are very intelligent and about serious issues yet still so funny! I love that she was anonymous and that the message of this blog is to "find a way to laugh". It's something that I definitely have started doing, after all, it's better than ruining your mascara, no-one wants mascara tears. If you're anything like me you'll find it hard to leave this site without reading everything.

2)Singh Street Style
It's no secret that  menswear is a passion of mine, I think there needs to be more men's blogs and urge them to be creative. There are great quality photographs and a variety of styles on this blog. Street Style blogs are some of my favourites as they feature real people out and about. I find them more authentic. Pardeep has beautifully blended British and Sikh identities together. There are some great fashion pieces and I could easily spend hours on this site.

I'm sure you've all heard of ghostparties, one of my favourite beauty blogs. Gh0stparties is a joy to read as I feel although Kate's personality really shines through. Making content unique and personal. Her writing style is very much as if she is speaking to a good friend, which instantly gets you hooked and scrolling through the archives.

I was introduced to Daisybutter after Michelle left some really lovely comments on a few of my post. If you're not following her, do so, stat. A combination of beautiful outfit pictures and great lifestyle posts. There's something for everyone.

What are some of your bookmarked blogs?


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