A little word about Jay Z and Solange


I have to be honest and admit I have giggled at some of the Jay Z and Solange memes floating around the internet at the moment. It's hard not to, seen as twitter was so quick off the mark with their witty hashtags. I found out about the incident from twitter first as I'm sure many others did too. But when we look past the tongue in cheek memes we've all been enjoying, there is a much more serious issue being overlooked. If you haven't seen the clip, it shows Solange Knowles 'attacking' Jay Z in an elevator. We shouldn't be laughing and poking fun at the incident but together we should all be angry that a personal family incident was sold to millions of strangers. Imagine if it was your family involved? Forget for a second that 'celebrities' are involved, imagine it was one of your private family troubles broadcast around the internet. I know that I would be mortified. Imagine people were ridiculing it and poking fun. I can only imagine how it feels to experience that on such a scale.

What irks me the most about this whole incident is what if the roles were reversed and it was a man attacking a woman would we still be laughing? Would there still be memes being shared by complete strangers? It doesn't sit well with me that just because it is a woman lashing out a man people have overlooked the violence and the seriousness of it all. The fact that this violent incident was sold for such a large sum after a bidding war by gossip sites, also makes me feel sick. Where is the humanity? And it only leads me to dread what will be next. How far will this go and in the future and what will we be viewing? If we forget that the people involved are famous it really isn't funny anymore is it. If you had to explain this video to someone who did not know who Jay Z, Beyonce or Solange Knowles was (I know that's hard to believe) what are the chances that they would find it funny? We need to have a long hard think about how we view these incidents, otherwise it could only get worse. I know it seems like harmless fun and maybe its because the parties involved are so famous and have more money than God, that we find hilarity in their problems. However, ultimately they are still people and this was a private family matter that went out of control. Next time we think of a witty remark to make, contribute to a hashtag or share 'funny' memes, take a second to think of the wider issue.

I'd love to know some of your thoughts.


  1. It makes me feel really uncomfortable actually, it's clearing an immensely private matter that doesn't concern anybody else and yet the entire world is discussing it. I don't agree with sharing CCTV footage like that, it's a gross invasion of privacy.

    I really like your point about what would happen if the roles were reversed, I imagine it'd be a bit like Chris Brown and Rihanna. Everyone was completely outraged about that and yet they find this one funny? Makes little sense to me.

    Rachel | Rachel is Elsewhere

    1. I completely agree with you Rachel, the sharing of CCTV footage is quite disturbing. Nothing seems to be private any more, with the over-sharing on social medias the boundaries seem to have been blurred.



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