Jet-setters Series #1 - On Board Essentials

I love travelling, exploring new places is my favourite thing to do. With the peak of the holiday/vacation season approaching I thought I'd start a 'jet-setters' series. I'll be sharing my tips about what to take with you and what to keep in mind when travelling.

Firstly we'll be looking at what to take on board. Make-up aside, this is what everyone should take on board. Whether you are flying short haul or long haul definitely take these basics and add to it accordingly.

On Board Essentials 
Antibacterial gel - When you're unable to wash your hands with hand wash and water, this is your new best friend. Take it on-board for the plane and pop it in you bag when your out exploring. It comes in handy when that cheeky ice cream has begun melting all over your hand.

Head ache tablets - There is nothing worse than flying when you have an headache, suddenly all sounds become heightened whether its a screaming child or the person next to you snoring.

Lip Balm- When I fly my lips get extremely dehydrated, lizard lips is not a desired look anyone wants. Take a good lip balm which you know will do the job. If it includes an SPF, even better.

Hand Cream- A nourishing hand cream will make you feel so much better when flying.

Wipes- Wipes are extremely handy when travelling, you can't be too careful with surfaces and keep a little pack with you during the day, you won't regret it.


  1. i completely agree with the lip balm advice! my lips always get so chapped on holiday and on the flight! id love it if youd comment back xx

  2. I always have to take ALL my make up on just in case! Wipes, lip balm and tissues are super handy though. Looking forward to seeing next in this series!x


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