£2.99 Well Spent.

During my lunch break, I was wondering how to kill time. Boots was luring me in like a glowing beacon. I caved and popped in. Now everyone knows one doesn't leave Boots empty handed, although I was close. As I was making my way through the aisles nothing really caught my attention, then I saw this little guy hidden amongst many other colours. Maybelline Color show in shade Love Lillac. At first glance it just seems like another lilac which almost every brand has. I myself have many colours like it as I always seem to be drawn to these shades. I picked it up and began comparing it to other similar shades. When holding it next to other bottles I found that no other brand had this exact shade. Others were lighter or much darker, some were more purple or too pink. The closest I found was Essie's Lilacism. I would say this is a very close dupe to that, the main difference being that Love Lillac has shimmer running through it, which when applied is undetectable.
Maybelline Color Show- Love Lillac
At £2.99, this polish is a complete bargain. I will be picking up more from this range as they apply easily and are very similar to other brands almost 3 times the price. The glitter polishes are beautiful and the colour selection is vast and impressive.

Have you tried any polishes from the Maybelline Color Show range?


  1. I love this range, I can't believe how good they are for the price! This is a colour I wouldn't normally stop to look at but it really looks lovely!



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