Manicure Mondays- Essie Eternal Optimist

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This weeks Manicure Monday is going to be centred around one of my favourite polishes. I haven't heard much buzz about Essie's eternal optimist, bought from the diffusion line in Boots it has quickly become my 'go to' colour to wear.

Essie Eternal Optimist - £7.99
I would describe it as a dusky rose nude shade. It's a little more pink than the average nude but still a nude. On the nails it looks sophisticated yet effortless. This shade will complement any skin tone. I'm a big fan of Essie and the wide brushes they use, it applies easily and only took 2 coats and has a cream finish. I think this shade is good all year round, but particularly in spring. Especially if you want something a little different than the typical pastel colours.

Have you tried Essie polishes? If so what's your favourite shade.


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