Eye, eye.

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For a long time now I've loved jewellery which has an evil eye charm or motif. The daintier and more subtle the piece the better. It's perfect for layering with friendship bracelets and bangles or wearing on it's own. The evil eye theme 'trend' (I hate the word trend but lets just go with it) began hitting the fashion scene a couple years ago around 2012, and hasn't seemed to have gone anywhere since. I predict this summer it will be even bigger.

These are some of my pieces I have acquired over the last couple years. One of my favourite pieces being the gold bangle by Ottoman Hands which was a Christmas gift from a dear friend. Another favourite is the silver link bracelet which was gift bought back from a holiday in Morocco. The rest of the jewellery was bought from the good ol' British high street. Retailers such as Urban Outfitters, Topshop, Accessorize and Asos are great places to find affordable pieces.


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