Currently Loving... Mixing and Matching Rings

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Its all about stacks and stacks of rings on rings on rings.

I am currently loving mixing and matching rings, mixing all different types of metals and different styles. Stacking rings can be a bit daunting for some, how many is too many? Where do you stack them? Do they need to match?  So I just want to say that I don't think there are any rules with jewellery any more. Feel free to wear as many or as little as you like and I personally love mixing metals. Think Phoebe from friends.
  • Start by placing rings at different sections of your fingers, at the base and the knuckle. 
  • Experiment with different widths, for example a thick wide ring mixed with a few dainty rings.
  • Different shapes can create an edgier look.
  • Spread the rings on all five fingers with similar styles on each finger.
  • Add a few statement rings with plain bands.

Basically, whatever you feel like. Get experimenting. H&M are a great place to pick up some affordable sets. I got this set of gold dainty rings in different sizes to wear on the thumb, and above the knuckle for £3.99. Topshop and Asos are another great place to pick up mixed ring sets. 

Do you like stacking rings or do you prefer keeping it simple?


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