This Old Plane is Now A Bar & Restaurant

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DC-6 Diner

Not your usual dining destination

Window or aisle seat? The DC-6 Diner is truly a unique dining destination. The restaurant and bar on board a converted 1958 Douglas DC 6 aircraft is one of a kind and so much fun. Yesterday was a lovely day in the Midlands it felt like the start of summer. We ventured down to the DC- 6 diner for drinks and it was very enjoyable. It boasts views of many world famous iconic aircrafts, light aircrafts, helicopters and small jets can be seen coming and going. The staff are extremely friendly. When on board the plane it does not feel crowded or cramped at all, its a very impressive conversion. Kids and adults alike will really enjoy this experience and is a lovely change from the usual bar and restaurant settings. You get the chance to walk down into the cockpit and get to play pilot for a while, your inner child will love it. If your struggling on what to do on a weekend afternoon I thoroughly recommend it.

1958 Douglas

"Catch me if you can" - Hanks and Dicaprio

Beautiful views of small aircrafts landing 
Will you be boarding?


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