How I Deal With Bloggers Block

When starting a blog, you are often told to post regularly. It's easily done when you're just starting out and have lots of new ideas. However eventually bloggers block can strike. You suddenly feel like you have no original ideas, and have nothing to say. This is how I deal with bloggers block.

1) I speak to friends and gain inspiration. If I'm speaking to a friend and they bring up a discussion which gets us all talking, I use that as inspiration for a post. Or similarly if they are struggling with something such as finding the perfect pair of jeans, and I have good advice. I'll use that as an idea for a post. I feel like talking and discussing things can spark inspiration.

2) I read more. Whether its other blogs, newspapers or magazines. Even if its something I wouldn't normally read. Even if you read something you don't agree with, that could be an idea for a post. You never know where an idea can come from, but just don't copy content. That's never cool.

3)  I make a lot of lists. There are endless amounts of paper in my handbag and even on my nightstand. I find I get most of my ideas when I should be sleeping so I keep a notepad and pen near just in case.

4) Switch the computer off and  go outside. Go for a walk or meet a friend, it will help blow away the cobwebs and you'll feel so much better. I do this a lot and it really helps.

5) If I'm really struggling then I tend to not post something unless I am completely happy with it. Sometimes it really IS quality over quantity.

6)My biggest piece of advice would be not to force it. Relax and you will feel inspired again.

How do you beat bloggers block?


  1. Good idea! I'm always adding to my list of blogpost idea... if only I could find the time to actually start working from the list of extra ideas!

    People need to learn to relax more, then things will come back to them.

    1. I totally agree, inspiration shouldn't be forced.


  2. Great tips, Sammi! I usually do some of what you mentioned above when the block hits me.
    Yeah, I'd rather post nothing at all than throw something I myself won't read just for the sake of posting.

    1. Thanks Yuni, I do the same. I only write what I would want to read myself.



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