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I don't know about you but I've been tempted to try Aromatherapy Associates skincare for a while now. Everything about it just screams luxury. However for some reason or another I haven't been able to part with my pretty pennies and take the plunge. When I heard that they had a sister company which was not only cheaper but also alot more accessible, you can imagine I was all over that. Aroma Actives is created by the founder of Aromatherapy Associates. Geraldine Howard has utilised her knowledge and experience in natural active ingredients and essential oils into this affordable line. This 16 strong skincare line is free from all the nasty's such as parabens, sulphates and mineral oil.
The one that'll make you re-think supermarket skincare
One product I have been enjoying from this line is the Cleansing and Brightening Balm. It can be used in the morning and in the evening. Make up is easily broken down and is perfect for the first cleanse. It doesn't leave my skin feeling tight afterwards which is one thing I look for in new skincare, I don't want anything too drying. When I think of a cleansing balm I immediately think of the texture of the Clinique Take The Day Off balm, however this is more like a thick cream. Think Liz Earle. It works easily into the skin and washes off leaving no residue or film behind. This cleanser is not greasy in the slightest and it hasn't aggravated my combination skin. I love that I can pick this up whilst doing a weekly shop and what impresses me the most is the instructions on the back of the packaging. This products actually gives good advice on how to use it rather than the usual 'apply to wet face and wash off'. This cleanser advises it be washed off with a muslin cloth and flannel (tick) and then proceeds to outline a skincare routine, such as follow with skin tonic, serum, oil and moisteriser (tick, tick). Well done Aroma Actives, I wish more brands did this. Even though the price point is considerably lower than Aromatherapy Associates, this cleanser still feels quite luxe and is a treat to use. I can't wait to try more from this line. Finally quality skincare available from the supermarket.

Will you be picking this up from your local Sainsburys?

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