Lazy Guys Guide to... Autumn Style #1

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I absolutely love writing my Lazy Girls Guide posts, and seen as I love talking about menswear I thought I'd start the Lazy Guys Guide. The first in the series will be all about menswear. I have such a passion for menswear. Once was somewhat neglected on the high street but now there are many places to find great men's style.

Layering - Tones
Layering is important for men and no one does it better than one Kanye West. All opinions of his personal life aside, you have to admit the man layers like a dream. The key to layering like Kanye is simple. He mixes tones and textures. Instead of going for the classic white and black combo, which can be a harsh contrast, aim for more tonal looks. It instantly looks more casual and laid back without looking too try hard. A mix of greys and grey-blues in an outfit work well. Think tonal it creates an unpretentious wearable style.

I'm a big fan of mixing textures, a good example of that comes with suede and leathers. If your going for a more casual look a suede or nubuck boot can be your best friend. I personally love a Chelsea boot on a man. They work well in formal settings, with a suit and also in more casual environments i.e with a pair of jeans and tee. When looking for the perfect Chelsea boot I'd recommend a nubuck or suede pair. A quick note, a leather brogue will never go out of style.

The return of grey
I've noticed this autumn/winter season there is a return of grey. Especially the grey flannel suit. Almost every men high street store has their take on it. The material is soft and moves very well. It is a warm fabric so its perfect for the colder months. To avoid grey looking bland I recommend mixing tones and even adding patterns or textures. Whether that's with a printed pocket square or knitted tie.

There is nothing I love more than tweed during the colder months. Blame it on my love for Downton Abbey. Tweed will always be popular so I do suggest investing in a piece. I've seen a lot of tweed pieces mixed with leather detailing which is very interesting and a mix of colours also works well. Whether it has a check or herringbone pattern, either way it's worth a look.

That's part 1 to the lazy guys guide to autumn style. What do you love most about men's fashion?

(pictures taken from tumblr)


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