If You Buy One Thing This Month

Garnier Ultimate Blends Dry Shampoo
Another week has passed which means another dry shampoo release which promises the world. However, if you buy one thing this month make it this product. The Garnier Ultimate Blends dry shampoo is a must have this summer. I like using a dry shampoo for when my hair is starting to look a little flat, and for those days when you're in-between washes. I have dark brown hair, and hate it when a dry shampoo leaves a white residue in my hair. This product does not do that it is a clear spray, and if too much is used in one area then a slight grey tinge can be spotted. However, it comes out easily with a little shake of the hair. I prefer this dry shampoo to others I have tried as it is light and it doesn't weigh down the hair. Others I have tried such as Batiste leave my hair matte and without shine, I also find that with Batiste just the thought of running my fingers through my hair after using it makes me cringe. The Garnier Ultimate Blends spray still leaves hair looking shiny and fresh as well as soft. I can run my fingers through my hair without it feeling full of product.

If your off to a festival this summer or even if your just looking for a new dry shampoo, I'd definitely recommend trying this one.

What's your favourite dry shampoo?


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