Falsifeye False Lash Effect vs Falsifeye HD

When Seventeen launched their Falsifeye mascara it was met with vast amounts of praise and hype. They've now come out with the Falsifeye HD, so which one should you try?

Seventeen Falsifeye Mascara

Falsifeye False Lash Effect 
Falsifeye is a striking mascara, the chunky packaging and the bold lettering makes you want to pick it up as it just screams FASIFEYE. After two quick coats you are left with thickened and lengthened lashes. The brush is pretty huge and easy to use. The only gripe I had with this product is that it had a tendency to become crumbly at the end of a long day. However, I can't complain too much as this mascara performed better than some that are twice the price.

Falsifeye HD 
When it comes to packaging I much prefer this tube, but I would prefer it to have much more of a minimalist print. The brush is the polar opposite to the original Falsifeye, its a plastic wand with much smaller bristles. This makes it easier to reach the smaller lashes. No matter which brush style you prefer they'll be one from the Falsifeye family to suit you. This product did a fabulous job of seperating lashes and making them look fuller. With one coat the bold claims of this mascara can be met, so with 2 or even 3 it knocks any other mascara out of the park. This one lasted much longer on my lashes without becoming crumbly or leaving me with panda eyes.

At the time of posting Boots Seventeen currently have a buy 1 get 2nd half price offer. So you could try both and make up your mind on which you prefer. Both mascaras perform incredibly well and better than some leading mascaras which are much more expensive.

Which will you be choosing?


  1. Interesting. I saw these today, I much prefer the look of the first one, but the second sounds better. I'm currently using a much praised mascara but it smudges so its no use!

    1. Oh dear I hate it when mascara smudges. Can I ask which mascara it was? These ones by Seventeen are quite inexpensive so well worth the try.


  2. Yeah, I'm definitely going to get one. It was Bourgeois 1 second mascara. I can't spell it lol that's why I didn't say what it was. I don't know if that is spelt right. x

    1. I know which one you mean. I haven't tried it myself, don't think i'll bother if it smudges.



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