The One? Tara Smith Working Curls Conditioner

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Tara Smith Conditioner
Tara Smith Working Curls Conditioner 
When it comes to conditioners I've never really found The One, nor have I been loyal to any particular brand. I've always been on the search for a conditioner which checks all the boxes, leaves my hair frizz free, manageable, shinier and noticeably softer. I opted for the Tara Smith Working Curls Conditioner, this brand has intrigued me for a while as its vegan and free from 'nasties'. After doing some research I love the story behind this brand and their mission.  Most of the conditioners which I have tried which have been paraben and silicone free have never been anything special. However, this was different from the first wash. I noticed a change in my hair, but that can be said for most hair products you've used for the first time. So I continued to use this and continued to be impressed. My hair was noticeably softer, it was easier to comb through and tangles weren't so knotty. My hair is quite wavy and this product did a great job of keeping the waves without being frizzy. It basically made my hair sleeker than Chad Le Clos' butterfly finish. Did i really just compare a hair product to an Olympian? 

This is my second bottle of this conditioner and I have thoroughly tested it. I've tried it with different shampoos; different leave in products just to see if this was te product which made the difference to my hair. It definitely is! You can buy Tara Smith products from M&S beauty halls which are where I get mine. I'll most definitely be buying more from this brand as I've never been so impressed. Within the blogosphere I haven’t heard much about this brand, but I hope that changes very soon. The packaging is beautiful and stands in a display surrounded by boring white bottles. With all the boxes ticked, this might just be The One!?

Have you tried any Tara Smith products?


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