Nail Detox

Who was guilty of wearing glitter nail polish over Christmas? *raises hand* If you can't wear a little glitter over Christmas then when can you, hey? Glitter polish is so beautiful when on the nails but such a pain to take off! Especially as I'm someone who loves nail polish and can't have bare nails for too long. After a good year of nail polish lovin' and the stint of glitter over the festive season my nails were crying out for a detox.

The word 'detox' seems to be flying around everywhere at the moment. My nails began peeling and were crying out for some TLC. I decided after Christmas to not wear nail polish for a solid few weeks and restore my nails to their former health. That meant no New Years nail art and no subtle nude polishes. The products I used to help strengthen my nails were; Sally Hansen Cuticle and Nail Treatment, this is perfect for parched nails and the pen applicator is very convenient. Sally Hansen Nail Protex Strengthener which helps to strengthen nails and prevent further damage. The Dr Lewinns Renunail Ridge Filler, even though this is a ridge filler you can use it on its own as the avocado oil and vitamin E help hydrate nails.

After a few weeks my nails are definitely looking and feeling better. Now for the big question, which polish do I introduce to my nails first?


  1. Great post, this will help many people out!
    I really like your blog and I look forward to more!

    Meme xx (Hope to see you around on my blog <3)

    1. Thank you so much for the positive feedback Meme. I'll be sure to check your blog out. Thanks for leaving a link.



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